We love India. And that’s no rocket science!

Suyatians are all eyes, as Mangalyaan takes India to new heights.

Suyatians are a multifaceted lot. We’re interested in far more than mere technology – and we’ll use any excuse to get together. Be it an Onam celebration, a birthday, project completion, or anything for that matter. As a result, you’ll find that our 5 conference rooms are usually occupied, and advance bookings are sometimes as jammed as a railway tatkal queue!

So, when it was announced that the Mars project launch was to be live streamed on big screen, the excitement was apparent. Most of us are avid science readers and followers. There are some philosophers here too, who gaze in wonder at the universe, trying to figure out the meaning of existence. There’re some wannabe astronauts. And even some amateur astrologers who are seeking that elusive alignment of the planets!

The smart ones came in well in advance. The rest rushed in as and when they got the opportunity to get unstuck from work. For many, it was standing room only!

image 2 11 12Tension that will dissipate in 10-9-8-7..!

The last few filtered in through the packed conference room as the countdown began. Nearly everyone packed into the room. The silence was absolute. And when the rockets fired to release Indian aspirations into space, the tension eased, smiles wiped out apprehensive looks, and cheers filled the room.

And of course, our next post will be 300 days later, when we meet to celebrate the first Indian pictures from Mars!

Author : Subin Jacob Date : 12 Nov 2013