What is Salesforce?

There is a lot of hype in the market about Salesforce and its many products, so what exactly is it and how can it benefit you?

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a company based out of San Francisco, California. They are the leaders in cloud technology. Salesforce is also the name of their flagship product, which is a highly customizable CRM with attractive out of the box features like Web to Lead, Weeding out duplicate leads, Opportunity Forecasting, Email and Campaign management, Google Apps Integration etc… All this along with the standard CRM features like Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity Management.

Salesforce.com is a multi-tenant Environment which means we get an environment that suits our business needs. This is where the confusion begins! So let’s start off by listing some of the most important of Salesforce.com’s products and what they focus on. Things to keep in mind – whatever edition/ Product you purchase, you can upgrade to a higher product without migration or any related problems, which plays well with their pay as you grow policy.

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This blog post will shed some light on Sales cloud and Service Cloud. Each one deserves an article on its own, but let’s treat this as an appetizer!

Sales Cloud : As the name suggests, this package of Salesforce.com contains the tools your sales team is going to use – contact/Account management,    Opportunity tracking, Lead Management, Products, Quotes / Contract management etc.  – To primarily focus on sales needs. Recently this feature also supports social contacts that enable you to have social network integration for your contacts/Leads. This does not restrict you to a single package, there are different editions (features) you can opt for based on your requirement and on your budget.

Service Cloud : This edition primarily focuses on Service wing or customer support side of your company – case management , knowledge base management,  KB article creation, single window console management where the support executive can get all the details on single window,  Call center integration with CTI, SLA management, Escalation Rules based on your business workflow. With the onset of social media, most of the customers have a social presence, and most of the complaints are now via twitter handles and facebook page posts. So Sales cloud also provides application to track those cases and raise them to your support engineers. This is a perfect support management tool. Salesforce.com recently partnered with the Social media monitoring Giant Radian6 and provides in depth monitoring of your brand providing you very high flexibility and dashboard of statistics, but more about Radian6 later!

Salesforce has grown its platform to support some of the most complex business scenarios and has proved in the market that it just needs one fifth the development effort and cost when compared to a normal application.

Applying Salesforce.com in your enterprise may sound overwhelming, especially if you do not have the resources to customize it for your business need, and maintain/ enhance it for you regularly. That’s where the Salesforce team at Suyati Technologies can help. Contact us for a detailed insight into how Salesforce.com can help your business become more flexible, and in-tune with your customer and market needs.

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 18 Jul 2012