What makes python popular

python logoConceived in the late 80s python has undergone a lot of changes and revisions to reach its present day status. With a huge community and a substantial number of loyal developers it can easily be passed off as one of the world’s most popular open source languages. According to the latest statistics provided by TIOBE, python is rated as the 8th most popular programming language in the world. Predictions by pinnacle sources in the programming community indicate that python will soon be at par with PHP in popularity and usage. While, notable languages like java and c are losing users day by day. The popularity rating of the language kind of makes you wonder how the language managed to stand out among a long list of open source languages all equipped with heaps of attributes and multipurpose functionality.

Throughout this blog we will try and determine the reasons for python’s popularity.

Python, the language which forms the back end of internet giant Google, is a favourite among a large no of developers worldwide. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is the ease with which it can be converted from notebook scribbling to programmable code. Which translates to: python has an easy syntax and is easy to write. The famous “Hello World” program serves as the best example for the same. Add to that, extensive libraries with plenty of iterative functions and the flexibility the language offers, python becomes the path to a programmer’s paradise. Of course what’s easy to write is also easy to read. Python’s superior documentation and readability makes it a favourite for starters.

Another feature which python offers is language interoperability. Numerous functions from other languages like java, c etc can be summoned using python. Another region in which python captivates its users is through its easy debugging and exceptional error handling facility. With Django, python provides a good web programming framework which also explains why python is used extensively in web designing nowadays. All these factors are outside the main advantage of using python, which is that it allows the programming and execution of complex codes. Plus, it’s an open source language, so it’s free to use and work upon.

Python comes wrapped in a certain level of complexity which ensures that its followers fall inside the elite group of programmers.  Python is conceived as a language of the future, with the language being used extensively in artificial intelligence (AI) projects and as a scripting language for cad and other applications.

The obvious fact which cannot be overlooked is that python is gearing up for the heck load of demand that is headed its way. If you are looking to cruise with the trend and need help with your python requirements we can help you. Suyati technologies, with its large pool of experienced python programmers, can help you in fulfilling your requirements.



Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 21 Nov 2012