What matters more – cost or value?

Identifying the right reason to go with an IT services provider

Cost reduction and IT solutions have been synonymous with each other for decades. Strict cost control was necessary when IT services were merely a way to streamline and automate everyday processes. However today, IT has moved beyond being a mere process and has become an integral part of business, it’s development and growth. IT processes have changed the way people conduct business, from selling and despatching to branding and interacting with customers and suppliers. So in today’s environment, the cheapest option may not always be the most favourable.


Today businesses have more options when it comes to purchasing their IT services. Naturally, cost has become less important as companies look for the following when bringing in an IT services partner –

Expertise: The need to adapt constantly to changing business conditions requires a  partner who has the expertise and the experience to develop and deliver a wide variety of technologies and solutions.

Quality and Service: IT providers need to fix problems, but also ensure that they do not happen again. The willingness to invest time, effort and take ownership of the situation counts.

Responsiveness and Flexibility: When a client has a problem, they want it solved – quickly! A process to work with the client and prioritize tasks needs to be put in place. A good IT service provider should also be willing to adapt to the situation and changing conditions, and not get bogged down by protocol, process and policy.


Your customers are looking for a value-added experience when they do business with you, so you need your IT service providers to do the same for you. As business and IT become more integrated, the problem-solving mechanism needs to be taken a step further. You need a provider who can help you implement technology solutions that will grow your business.

In the long run, being the most cost-effective IT solutions partner is not enough. What matters is whether you can perform, provide quality solutions and add value to both the partnership and the business. At Suyati, our dedicated global team will ensure that you find a solution that works for you, from all perspectives.




Author : admin Date : 17 Feb 2012