What’s New in Ektron 8.6?

Ektron 8.6
Image Source:ektron.com

Ektron has spiced up its latest avatar, christened the Ektron 8.6, and has included a host of new features that should prove useful for a number of people ranging from developers to common users. There is absolutely no compromise on the creativity side. Here are a list of features you can expect from the spruced up Ektron that is available now.

Mobile Internet paid due homage:

The latest CMS platform from Ektron has given due respect to the rising popularity of internet content streamlined through smartphones. Hence features such as adaptive resizing, which allows users to specify resolutions so that an even viewing experience is provided across smartphone screens.

FAST integration:

With FAST from Microsoft, Ektron allows you to access features such as profile ranking, Faceted Document archival and searching, etc that combines to provide a faster integration environment for the system.

SEO friendly URL:

The new version favors Search Engine optimised URL aliases that allow your pages to rank higher on search engine ranking indexes.

Automatic content synchronisation:

Users of the Ektron CMS can now have automatic synchronisation of dependant content. This implies that dependent files are synchronised simultaneously with the content associated with them. This is courtesy of the eSync enhancement available in Ektron8.6.

Support for HTML 5:

The latest version of Ektron has made its editing and control panel friendly to HTML 5 coding standards thereby allowing users to unleash the power of HTML 5 when it becomes popular in the not so distant future.

With all these new features Ektron is aiming to be the top enterprise content management solution available today. If you are amazed at how Ektron can transform your content management workflow, and if you are looking to leverage its benefits, then you can always check out Suyati Technologies. We are an Ektron certified Premier partner and our dedicated team of experts would assist you with all your queries related to Ektron. Visit suyati.com to know more.




Author : Anupama Nambiar Date : 22 Oct 2012