What’s New in Microsoft Biztalk Server 2013?

As both networks and organizational systems become more complex, what invariably suffers is integration. The inability of an organization to ensure that its applications work seamlessly across the board, causes serious hold ups, drains productivity, and has a direct impact on the bottom-line. Microsoft BizTalk Server helps businesses manage the complexity of connecting all applications across the enterprise. It delivers a suite of powerful technologies that help IT professionals, developers, and business users manage complex integration easily, while reducing costs as well.

Microsoft BizTalk Server offers a suite of technologies, such as messaging, Adapter Pack, Host Integration Server, Orchestration Designer, Business Rules Engine, B2B integration, business activity monitoring, and more, that enable and enhance the quality of integration. What’s more, the recently launched BizTalk Service 2013 version features significant improvements, apart from extending support for new versions of Windows OS, SQL Server and Visual Studio, as well as support for updated EDI schemas.

All New Model
Biztalk Server 2013 configures on a Windows Azure or virtual machine, and operates on a per core license model, with a core priced one quarter of the processor cost. To run BizTalk Server 2013 on four core processors, costs almost the same as running BizTalkServer 2010, and it is now possible to scale up easily and seamlessly.

Better Power
BizTalk Server 2013 supports new adapters, including one to send and receive messages from an SFTP server, and to invoke REST endpoints. REST allows communicating between machines through simple HTTP code rather than rely on complex mechanisms.

BizTalk Server 2013 also updates existing adapters. The updated SharePoint adapter, for instance, enables users connecting to a SharePoint server to opt for either a client-side, or server-side object model.

The updated adapters increase speed. In the 2010 version, the maximum speed was limited to that of the slowest adapter, as it was necessary to receive an acknowledgement before sending the next message. Biztalk Server 2013 does away with this hold-up, allowing messages to be sent without receiving an acknowledgement from the previous message, and correlating the acknowledgment to the concerned message, when it finally arrives.

Along with speed comes simplicity. BizTalk Server 2013 integrates the ESB Toolkit and simplifies the same to facilitate quick start.

BizTalk Server 2013 allows the user to remain in control more than ever before. The updates on the BizTalk Server Administration Console delivers a user interface driven experience, that makes it easy to track the differences and relationships between different artificats, like – send ports, receive locations, orchestrations, and others.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 19 Nov 2013