“Where else can you head your own project, on the second day as Trainee?”

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.


 I’m Deepak, and am a year old at Suyati. In fact, I’m just a year out of college and Suyati is my first job. After clearing the legendary interview – an aptitude test, and three strenuous technical rounds starting from 9 am, I walked out with my offer letter at 7pm.

And it has been an eventful year. At the end of the first day here, my mentor (Yes, new employees are mentored hands-on) Abhishek told me to create an Excel sheet and diligently fill in all that I do. That seemed weird – maintain a spreadsheet in a software company? Since Abhishek seemed a cool person, the next day I stuck my neck out and suggested that we need to have software that monitors work and progress. I expected many responses, except the one I got – “Okay, do it.”

So the next 2 months were spent making my own Project Management software. A fellow trainee worked on a leave system to go with it. All the seniors here were friendly and approachable, offering advice and encouragement. I could not complete it as I had to move on to my next challenge – Sales Force. So my 3rd month, the final one as a trainee, was spent working on a real project to gain coveted software expertise.

I became a certified Sales Force Expert in 7 months. Those familiar would know how tough that is. 40% fail at the first attempt, and those who clear it usually have more than a year’s experience. So let me tell you how I managed it. At Suyati each technology is taken apart and its limits are discovered. We are perhaps the only team that successfully used software like Sales Force for publishing. This attitude of experimenting and learning is inculcated in everyone, and it helped me master not just Sales Force, but technologies like Ektron, Biz Talk and Commerce Server.

So what makes working here special? Friendly and approachable people. So much exposure in so many technologies. Most of my friends can only dream of doing the stuff that’s an everyday affair for me.

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