Where is Enterprise Content Management headed?

The term Enterprise content management (ECM) was first defined by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) during the onset of the millennium. After more than a decade of evolution and a series of redefinitions, ECM is presently a one stop solution to an enterprise’s documentation issues.

The fact that every industry, in its pre-ECM stage, is a victim of unstructured and unorganized documentation is ECM’s biggest appeal. The huge potential of its application explains the buzz it is currently creating among investors and venture capitalists.

A recent analysis conducted by Research and Markets estimates the ECM market to grow by 14.5 percent by 2013 in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). According to this study, the steep growth rate is attributed to the increase in demand for records management in various industries.

The scope and profitability of ECM has started attracting the attention of all the major players in the IT sector. Consequently, the ECM market has witnessed movements from multinational corporations of the likes of IBM and Oracle who have entered into the scene with the acquisition of smaller ECM based firms, Datacap and Stellent respectively. Moreover, the market has been bustling with mergers and acquisitions, with every firm trying to get a piece of this prospective gold mine. The boom is also due to ECM’s effective use in a large number of fast growing SMEs (Small and Medium enterprises). This does indicate that Enterprise content management is bound to stick around for a long time.

An illustration that substantiates this is the standardization of EMC Corporation and NessPRO’s ECM platform by the Israeli Government for all its ministries and offices, taking ECM to a national level.

If this is raising questions in your mind as to whether you should implement ECM, or if you are already a part of the ECM wave and want to extend it, allow Suyati technologies to step in. With our vast experience in implementing ECM solutions, we can help you analyze your ECM requirements and ensure a seamless ECM experience that will add value to your organization.

Author : Anupama Nambiar Date : 29 Jun 2012