Who will win the Ektron 2013 site of the year?

Can Ektron CMS Evangelists forget the day Nov. 8, 2012?

This was the epic day in which ektron announced the very first “ektron site of the year” series award, which is a token of appreciation for the website which “actually” leveraged the capabilities of the Ektron CMS. And this glorious award was received by Hendrix college website.

And these are the websites who got into the top 5:

• Hendrix College
• Behringer Harvard
• Houston Grand Opera
• Rawlings Sporting Goods Company

How does Hendrix University made it last year?
Remember the tagline of Ektron,“What do you want your website to do?”

ektron tagline

Being a highly sophisticated CMS ektron is confident enough to do what their various clients are intended to do with their website. And Hendrix did what they actually wanted their website to do. Hendrix was able to create an innovative solution by making use of the capabilities of ektron. Being a college website, Hendrix website basically needs to focus on both their current students and prospective students. In this information age, the first way a prospective student hunt their college is through online, so a college website must be able to grab the “First impression” from the website visitors. At the same time it should be able to deliver excellent visitor experience in multiple channels as well, here comes the importance of responsive web design.

The primary focus of Hendrix was on responsive web design, which tremendously increased traffic to the website, also gained “good impression” from both prospective and current students. By making sue of the Page Builder tool of ektron, Hendrix was able to update the website regularly, which actually gave more “life” to the website. Thus Hendrix was able to satisfy its business goals with Ektron platform.

The summary of key aspects of Last year’s winner is as follows:

  • Embraced “Mobile First” philosophy
  • Over 650 content authors
  • Visitors increased by 15%,bounce rates down 33%,mobile traffic up 143%

So who all have made use of the innovative solutions of ektron to create, deploy and manage their website this year? And who will win the precious title of “Ektron 2013 site of the year”?The release of Ektron 8.61 and Ektron 8.7 is arising more competition this year. More products and big improvements! To be able to apply the right solution at the right place in the right way is what matters here. So the title of the blog post will remain unanswered until the next Ektron’s customer and partner conference (which is the event where the award declared last year).

With a number of ongoing and completed Ektron projects, Ektron Team of Suyati is also looking forward for the ultimate verdict. Because for us, our website projects are like our kids and we definitely want our kids to win the competition! Yes, it is just like any other parent who is impatiently waiting for the victory of his kid!

Author : Bisileesh Bhaskaran Date : 04 Jul 2013