I‘ve now understood exactly why Ektron rocks!

with ceo of ektron

My visit to the USA has seen a whole lot of highlights. That is, until I visited Ektron’s HQ in Nashua on 16 April, which is my top experience of 2013. I met the brains behind Ektron’s success, and realized just what makes Ektron so special – special people.

My gracious hosts were Bill Rogers – CEO, Chris Rogers – VP Business Development, Dan Stroman – VP Global Alliances and Alpesh Patel – VP of Engineering. Their insightful questions, business acumen and technical foresight reinforced my desire to extend Suyati’s already fruitful partnership with Ektron.

Suyati’s initiative to propose a connector for Exact Target was widely appreciated. This connecter seeks to manage subscribers, co-ordinate email marketing campaigns, and leverage the capabilities of the Exact Target Enterprise application, to benefit Ektron users. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as I’m concerned, since at Suyati we have many more interesting extensions to Ektron planned.

The focus on connectors will build on our already proven expertise in developing with Ektron, which includes 20+ websites, some of which handle 90,000 users per minute.  We truly look forward to strengthening our relationship Ektron.

Author : mkrishna Date : 16 May 2013