Why is Ektron the hottest CMS in town?

With more than 3700 global companies using it, the Ektron Content Management System (CMS) is gaining in popularity in the global web content management sphere. Despite the evolution in open source technology that we see today, Ektron relies on Microsoft’s Dot Net platform for its framework and the result is pretty rewarding. The Ektron CMS is robust and flexible and at the same time, easily configurable to meet the needs of any potential user. With it, the deployment of a website is as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

The CMS paves way for the development of customized and powerful websites for a globalized business in an easy manner. It also makes for an efficient personal website development tool as well. The CMS makes the whole process look so easy. There are pre-built .NET controllers and editing tools like Visual Studio that allow easy modification of the Ektron Framework API thereby creating solid websites.

The Ektron CMS is compatible with existing mission critical applications and thus proves vital in shifting your core business platforms into a new environment without much hassle. Automatic synchronization of content enables speedy as well as optimal performance and there are options for Enterprise Search as well. The clever design of the Ektron CMS makes it possible for market analysts to club the content to their respective business outcomes.

As Ektron’s Certified Partner in India, Suyati Technologies has extensive experience in creating, managing, integrating and delivering Ektron Web Content driven solutions. The Ektron team in Suyati has succeeded in creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) via its development and migration projects.

Suyati’s vision is to help its clients extend their IT profitably. Using the Ektron platform, Suyati’s 20+ team has been able to extend the scalability, extensibility, and the power of Ektron suite to deliver complex dynamic solutions. The practice team has used Ektron’s flexible APIs to generate dynamic workflows and Widgets based on their client’s marketing strategies.

Author : admin Date : 14 Aug 2012