Why is Salesforce.com CRM the most preferred among business enterprises?

Salesforce logoAny business enterprise works hard to satisfy the most diverse of its customers. Accomplishing this not only requires a great deal of perseverance, but also essential technology tools such as a Customer Relationship Management suite. When it comes to CRM applications, take a look at Salesforce.com, whose CRM platform is preferred by over 100,000 customers globally. Here are the top reasons why:

Using it is a Piece of Cake:

Viewing customer information, updating their data, connecting with your peers anytime, anywhere is made as simple and easy as possible with Salesforce.com CRM software.

Solid and Secure:

Hacking or penetrating your SF data is not easy. The security layers ensure the mission stays impossible for hackers. Be it firewalls, encryption, physical security or any other user access security protocol, Salesforce.com has it all.

Hassle free installation:

Moving data from your existing data warehouse like Gmail or Outlook is simple, and you can even upload everything in a .CSV or .XLS file. Once this import of existing data is complete, you are all set to go.

Fewer Clicks, Higher Productivity:

From managing workflows to creating new sales processes, the software lets you accomplish everything with the click of a mouse. As a result, your business productivity and automation standards is boosted big time.

Easy updating with cloud based applications:

Forget messy upgrades and maintenance downtime. It is automatically done through the cloud and your business data and models remain intact.  Your users may not even be aware that your CRM is now updated. Until they see the new features, that is!

So with Salesforce.com CRM suite, your business is armed with some of the most comprehensive customer management tools ever built. If you are interested in providing your business such productivity tools, then visit us at www.suyati.com where our expert team of Salesforce.com consultants would help you discover and implement Salesforce features best suited to your business.



Author : admin Date : 12 Oct 2012