The power of analytics is immense for any business looking to stay ahead. PowerBI, released in 2015, has now enabled real time insights into data gathered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. This business analytics service has been createdto deliver insights that power quick and well-informed decisions. It has become a popular service and integral to both small and large scale enterprises of varying natures.

What Gives PowerBI the Edge?

To begin with, the ease of it being available in two formats – as a cloud service (SaaS) as well as an on-premises reporting solution (Power BI Report Server), gives its accessibility a fillip. Power BI as a cloud service is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). As a complete set of services as well as applications, it can help companies develop, implement as well as manage and create solutions specific to their businesses.PowerBI also –

Allows for seamless integration with existing applications:PowerBI has the ability to integrate seamlessly in an existing business set-up giving it the advantage of analytics and reporting. This intuitive tool can be leveraged to embed interactive visuals in most company applications quite easily.

Allows for Creation of Customized Dashboards: One of the top features that PowerBI has going for it is the depth of its information dashboards. These can be customized to meet precise requirements of any kind of enterprise. To ensure that a business has a single user experience, dashboards and BI reports can be embedded into applications across the business.

Has No Restrictions on Memory and Speed: With the powerful cloud backing of the PowerBI system, all memory and speed constraints are removed and data can be easily accessible and analyzed at any time.

Has No Requirements of Specialized TechSupport:Its powerful natural language interface as well as use of intuitive graphical designer tools, ensures that there is no requirement of any specialized technical support.

Creates Rich Visuals of Enterprise Data: The ability to do this makes for a base of business intelligence that allows for some on-point decision-making.

Customization of Reports

One of the key abilities of PowerBI is the level of customization of reports it can offer. There are several ways in which you can create unique displays of data – from a multitude of visualization options, to being able to copy and paste between reports, to hiding specific report pages to have underlying data in place that is not visible to everybody.

You are also able to connect to a range of data sources, datasets and even webpages. This can be done using generic interfaces as well as specialized ones.

Maximizing ROI

An important aspect of justifying the introduction of business analytics in an organization is the return on investment (ROI) that it provides. This can be done with an understanding of how PowerBI is used across the board in an organization:

Senior Management: For management at senior and supervisory levels, the need for accurate reports is immense. PowerBI brings in Natural Language abilities to help customize reports down to specific requirements – whether it is a pie chart of a specific category of information or a representation of a chart with key features. Making this available on native apps on mobile devices is what enables quick decision making and implementation by CXOs. It is also a simple way for management to see which KPIs are doing well and which require replacement, thus tightening processes and systems, leading to better utilization of resources.

Information Analyzers:Creation of powerful new reports enhanced with rich visualizations can help create the right impressions with business users. Information created this way is extremely useful for the IT department as the information gathered can be used in the creation of plans for the Enterprise Data warehouse. It also helps in reducing the learning curve associated with predictive analytics algorithms.

Operational Users

Whether in a pre-defined format or a specific one, operational users require reports for a range of regulatory reporting needs as well as to provide business users. For instance, the field sales team may have such requirements and will need to have access through their personal technology devices such as mobiles. Such customized reports can make a world of difference on multiple levels for a company’s ROI.

Business intelligence is the primary key when an organization is looking to be agile. Managing data with the growth of a business can be difficult considering the amount of data that is constantly generated. This turns out to be an obstacle for data-basedenterprises that wish to leverage their data to make business decisions intelligently. With PowerBI, businesses have control over intelligence creation as the ability is placed directly with analysts who are able to extract source data, create datasets, as well as transform and manipulate data, visualize it and create reports as well as customized dashboards. For long term as well as iterative analysis, PowerBI evolves to bring in newer dimensions that require no advanced IT interference and this is its biggest selling point.

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20 Apr 2019
Author : DSouza Ruth