Why Request for Solution (RFS) is a better approach

From the CEO’s desk

We recently completed a successful project for one of the top publishers of branded calendars

in the United States. Our Client was facing challenging issues with the speed and performance of their web application. This application was built using a certain technology to enable rich animation while simultaneously handling large images. After trying to improve on the same technology with various vendors and not seeing any results, the Client approached us for a solution.

Instead of convincing the client that we could succeed when others had failed (the traditional approach!) we decided to quickly provide a proof of concept of the solution, even before we provided a proposal. We built custom controls with JQuery that could emulate the functions of a rich editor without the performance issues. We also included additional programmatic logic to manage image sizes to improve the efficiency of image manipulation operations within the editor.

This proof of concept was what the client required to be convinced. This is a classic example of request for solution (RFS), where our client gave general instructions regarding the solution while laying lesser restrictions on specific technology. This is analogous to going to a doctor. You tell him your symptoms, allow him to examine you and he prescribes the solution.

So why is RFS the better approach for certain clients or problems? Setting down a rigid list of do’s and don’ts usually does not nurture a solution that is sustainable nor does it create the best possible one. It does not encourage innovation. The traditional approach to consulting and prospecting (RFP) allows a client to get the best price for a strictly specific answer to his question in accordance to the rules he laid down. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let’s describe a Request for Solution as extending your brainstorming to a more potential host of solution providers out there whose experience might just yield more than what you would have expected or whose solution might just provide answers to questions that you never knew existed!

Suyati Technologies believes in innovating while ideating. So if you are looking for solutions and not just answers based on strict guidelines and terms, visit us at www.suyati.com



Author : mkrishna Date : 27 Jul 2012
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