Why should you choose DGT as your IT outsourcing partner?

(We give you 5 cool reasons to do so!)

An IT outsourcing vendor by any other name would smell as sweet.” – With sincere apologies to Shakespeare

You have pored through dozens of sales proposals and sat through countless slides of PowerPoint presentations from IT outsourcing vendors. Your business has been analyzed and dissected by vendors who promise X% reduction in cost with a X+infinity% increase in profit. For God’s sake, you have even attended multiple follow-up phone calls from vendors and dutifully promised to “get back to them” in the next quarter!

If you are bored to death by this entire exercise and think every vendor out there is just as bad, how do you propose to actually sign on a good outsourcing vendor who can help you with your business goals and objectives? If all IT outsourcing vendors are alike in promising high and delivering low, why would you consider Suyati’s DGT as your next IT outsourcing partner?

We present 4 cool reasons why you should choose the Dedicated Global Team from Suyati –

  1. We work on a Cost Plus model of pricing, which means you know what our costs and our profit margins are.
  2. Our projects are delivered on time simply because your project managers manage the DGT.
  3. The DGT works only on your project. Read that again – only on your project.
  4. Finally, the real reason you should choose DGT to be your dedicated outsourcing partner? We have a cool name.

There you have it – 5 really cool reasons to pick us.

We’re listening.

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Author : rramamurthy Date : 12 Dec 2011