Why Suyati's 4th Anniversary rocks

Anniversaries, especially in the corporate world, are celebrated for a lot of reasons – to refresh the magic that went towards creating a company, to recognize the love and hard work that has been poured in, to remember the sleepless nights that has been rewarded, and to remind ourselves of the dreams yet to be fulfilled. However, the best reason of all is to reinvigorate ourselves for the journey ahead.

With 75 employees, three offices, presence in 3 continents, and a product that promises to rock the online publishing world, Suyati Technologies is celebrating four years of hard work, enthusiasm, and success. In the words of our CEO, Mukund Krishna

As we expand into the future (and our third facility), I would like us to keep in mind the efforts and innovative thinking that got us so far. Because, it is not enough to grow bigger – we must also grow even better. Do remember:

  • Values: Be fair, and compassionate. Take ownership, and share knowledge wholeheartedly.
  • Embrace change: Be innovative. Be open to new things. Change is not a challenge, but an opportunity
  • No excuses: Instead, plan proactively, assess risks ahead, and get the job done
  • Commitment: To the client, the team, and most importantly to yourself – to be the best you can become
  • Manage expectations: Promise wisely after assessing risks, and deliver before time
  • Be Process Centric: So that we can scale. And get the ISO 9000 certification!

Team Suyati Rocks, anniversary or not! Here’s praying for a safe and successful journey ahead.


Author : Abhishek Subramanian Date : 19 Mar 2013