It’s that time of the year again, when techies all over the world make a beeline for the largest software conference the world – Dreamforce. And this time around, the “phenomenon” is taking place at San Francisco.

You are probably tired of the hullabaloo on what’s so great about Dreamforce. So, here’s a refresher—some reasons on why you should not be attending this “four days of madness” event that’s happening between September 15 and 18.

Reason 1: Nobody wants to hang out at the world’s largest software conference; at least, you don’t!

Reason 1: Nobody wants to hang out at the world's largest software conference; at least, you don’t!

On the morning of the 15th, participants at Dreamforce will head straight to the Moscone Convention Center. What’s on offer? 1,500+ breakout sessions, 350+ partners displaying their wares at the Cloud Expo, literally thousands of product demos from Salesforce and partners, and more. Dreamforce 2014 was bigger and better than ever, and Dreamforce 2015 is expected to outdo that.

But hold on. Who said big is always beautiful? You’re sure to be exhausted and totally drained out by all this, right? Besides, who wants to listen to visionary thought leaders? Most of them probably use jargons that are more appropriate for Davos-Economic-Forum-meets-tech talks anyway.
Of course, being able to meet surprise guests who are down to earth like us, small timers who made it big by their hard work and sharing their tales means nothing at all. There are also plenty of hands on training for participants, opportunity to meet product experts, live product demonstrations, and front row chances to preview future products. But it’s going to be such a drag. Yawn…
Reason 2: It’s all drudgery—there’s simply too much to do!

Reason 2: It’s all drudgery—there’s simply too much to do!

Okay, so, Dreamforce educates and enriches, all right. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? As if the sessions and events on offer weren’t enough, there’s “fun element” thrown in too. Naïve, right? Who wants to be pampered at the welcome reception and then taken to the Dreamforce Gala that’s replete with tons of partner parties and countless opportunities to interact with fellow attendees? Not you!

Kanye West is said to be performing at the Dreamforce Gala. <Who?>
A key note presentation by Kim Kardashian? <Gasp>
Stephen Curry to go head to head in a 3-point shooting contest with Salesforce MVPs. <Ahem>
Marc Benioff hosting a contest asking kids to help design the shoes he’ll wear during  the conference. <What?>
These are just some of the inside gossips doing the rounds; who knows for sure! But regardless of the specifics, you get the drift of what’s in store, right? It’s a mix of work and pleasure, but you probably do that every day, so you aren’t missing anything really!
Reason 3: Networking. Are you kidding?
Reason 3: Networking. Are you kidding?

Bah! All this nonsense about networking. What are the chances of running into someone worthwhile? Walking into the campground and seeing all the conversations happening gives you the creeps. For starters, would you fit in? Who would you talk to? Would you find the person you need to meet?

Well, people who really want to network are all hooked up with others of similar interest through success communities. These communities help to set up specific times and places to meet. Downloading the app can help with all the on-the-go information.
Besides, there are going to be so many people, all there for the same reason—a community that large, and all in one place. Too crowded for you, huh?
Reason 4: San Francisco? Who wants to go there anyway!

Reason 4: San Francisco? Who wants to go there anyway!

You’ve had enough of the city of the Golden Gate Bridge. Seriously, who cares for the gorgeous scenery or the fresh air at the Golden Gate Park or the spectacular sky view from the View Lounge of the Marriot Marquis? As for the hike at Land’s End or losing your way inside the labyrinth, c’mon, that’s for the kids! You can skip the delicious food and great drinks at the event too—it’s going to be ho-hum anyway, right?

To cut a long story short, Dreamforce’15 is all about enriching yourself with knowledge, staying updated, networking, and self-improvement (not to forget truckloads of fun) that will change your life. But you aren’t looking for a change, are you?

PS: On second thoughts… if you are attending Dreamforce, let’s meet up. meet us at dreamforce 2015 

Author : Joydip Ghosh Date : 05 Aug 2015