Here is what to expect from Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


Windows 10 Fall Creators update, the new free upgrade to Windows 10 by Microsoft is intended to enhance the current version by bring about some backend tweaks. This is the fourth update by Microsoft in about two years and this trend of twice-annual features update is expected to continue. Most of the features are aimed at IT pros and developers. This features update also has put in tools that lets the user explore a bit of the creative side.

Here is what you can expect from the latest Fall Creator’s update

1. Fluent Design System

The Fall Creators update is the first to incorporate the new Microsoft design language known as the Fluent Design System. The changes are subtle, including easier resizing options and usability improvements.

The “Acrylic” elements and “Reveal” effects are the new design elements featured in this update.

The Acrylic element is a blurring or translucency effect found in apps and the system. Reveal effect is a highlight effect when moving the cursor over app menus and other elements.

2. Windows My People

The My People feature, allows you to pin up to three most frequently contacted people to the task bar. Sharing content involves simply dropping the file onto a pinned contact.

People Hub is another feature gives you quick access to your contacts list and apps with new My People feature.

3. Cortana- At your Service

Cortana settings are now integrated into Settings. It is now possible to ask Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana to restart the PC or shut down.

Also, there is no need to open a separate browser to search, as Cortana displays answers, including web searches directly in its info panel. The web searches are however limited to Bing searches.

Cortana can now suggest reminders and even add reminders to its notebook based on specific dates or photos taken.

4. Improved User Experience

There is an interactive toast notification, to let know of any new update available without interrupting your current work.

The delivery Optimization feature now allows the option of setting bandwidth usage limit and also control the amount of uploads on a monthly basis.

The Power throttling feature is another new feature offered by this update that helps use Windows 10 ideally for a better performance and longer battery life.

The Microsoft Tips app offers assistance with Windows 10, and even pops tricks, to get things done with a press of a button.

5. Better Microsoft EDGE

Pinning websites to taskbars, a feature last seen in Windows 8 has once again been included in Windows 10.

The improved bookmarking system makes it easier to find files and folders. It is now possible to work with folders directly without having to switch to a special editing mode.

 The PDF and EBook reader has also been tweaked with various features for a better experience. It is now possible to ink on the pdf, simplifying the process of signing documents.

Microsoft Edge finally has a complete full screen mode.

6. Mixed Reality and AR Stickers

The Fall Creators update introduces support of mixed reality to Windows 10. The Microsoft-certified virtual-reality headsets were released on the same date of the update. Plugging the headset takes the user to the Cliff House, Microsoft’s new VR interface.

There is also the Mixed Reality viewer app, from where you can insert 3D objects in real world scene. The Paint 3D app can be used to create AR stickers and place them in the real world.

7. Security

The security architecture of Windows 10 comes with a lot of change.

The Windows Defender Security Center has two major additions- Exploit Protection and Folder Access, an anti-ransomware feature.

The Controlled folder access is a new feature, which allows only approved apps to access Windows system files and data folders. The Exploit Protection offers many mitigations that were previously part of the separate Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET).

The Windows Defender Application Guard is a new security feature in this update. Sandboxed browser sessions using Hyper-V virtualization.

8. Smart Storage

Onedrive Files on Demand features has now been built into Windows. This offers a better way to work with minimal local storage.

Also, the Storage Sense, the Windows 10 feature that helps store data intelligently has a new design and few new settings.

The update offers the option to automatically delete files that have been in the Downloads folder for 30 days without changes.  

9. Turn Photos to Memories

The Fall Creators Update includes a Photos app which automatically creates video slideshows from photo albums. This feature is called the Remix feature.

You can create a story with a few pictures and video clips. It is also possible to mix in a song to set the mood.

10. Connect phone to your PC

The Fall Creators Update has a dedicated “Phone” area in the Settings app that enables the linking of phone with PC.

It is possible to easily share web pages between your phone and Windows device without a time delay.  

The “Continue on PC” function allows you to continue on PC from where you left on the phone.

11. Emoji Panel

The features update now makes it possible to enter an emoji directly into the text box. It is also possible to search for an emoji based on a particular typed term.

The new emojis like zombies and dinosaurs certainly add a fun element to typing in Windows 10.

Though Microsoft’s first attempt of Design is a little inconsistent, the Fall Creators Update does offer some nice changes. My People app does have potential in spite of the People Hub design needing a lot of improvement. Mixed Reality is a feature worth mentioning in this update. Microsoft Edge has undergone a tremendous evolution.

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Author : Preetha Tojy Date : 26 Oct 2017