The Windows cleanup checklist for 2017- Is your PC ready?


Windows, undoubtedly is the most widely used OS all over the globe. It is deep-rooted in both business and consumer computing worlds and is growing steadfast across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile platforms. While everyone is busy with the holiday season (some of you might even replace your equipment with new ones), let us take a moment to run some necessary checks on your Windows PC so that your system is optimized to welcome 2017 without any glitches.

Listed below are a few easy-to-follow tips to keep your PC running smoothly into the new year.

  1. Application upgrade:

Before you head into 2017, make sure that all your applications are upgraded, and are compatible with the newer hardware. Your PC must give ample support to the security features of your system.

  1. Data back up

Ensure that your data is backed up regularly so that you are geared up to face any critical data issues. Even if you don’t have an automated and configured back up plan, you must perform a manual back up of your complete data. Since Vista, Windows offers a      modern backup application that comes along with the OS itself which allows you to run back up on a scheduled basis. Before you think of upgrading to a new PC or recycling your current device, back up your complete data.

Once you back up all your PC data, it is also advisable to do a PC reset. When you reset your PC, all your data gets cleaned up and restores Windows back to its default status.

  1. Delete temporary folders, cache folders

A huge amount of online data travels back and forth daily. All these data get stored in temporary folders and cache folders and cookies, thus filling up the storage space. You must delete these temporary files to clean up your system and prevent the use of this kind of data from mishandling your system as well as accounts.

  1. Have an updated anti-malware

Windows PC is not without threats, and only an updated anti-malware system can help you from losing your valuable and critical data. Select a proper security provider for your PC like Kaspersky that keeps your PC totally protected and turns up with additional security features like firewall, web filtering, email filtering and other features.

  1. Dismount unwanted applications from your PC

We might use several apps- large and small- that could serve our purpose for a short time. Analyze your PC and you will come across several one-time apps that won’t serve you much. Such kind of unused apps pose a great risk since they remain in the PC “un-updated” for a long time and can result in data loss. Get rid of such apps before you start the new year by uninstalling them.

  1. Using the System File Checker feature

Whenever system upgrades occur or application installs happen, chances are there that your files might get affected and start responding in a weird manner. To avert this scenario, you must regularly run SFC or the System File Checker feature provided by Microsoft to check and update your files. Also, SFC scan helps you in correcting the files stored in the Windows directory.

  1. Hardware upgrade

It’s a good time of the non-Windows 2016 users to shift to Windows 2016 depending on your usage and requirements. Also, think of the advantages that it offers like increasing RAM. A hardware upgrade definitely boosts the performance of your Windows system in the new year.

Along with the above tips rebooting your PC to clear hibernation/ sleep data is also advisable. Click here to know more useful tips that enable you to prepare your system for the new year.

Author : Bhuvana Date : 27 Dec 2016