Women's Day mantra – Why should guys have all the fun!!

From weightlifting to rocking the dance floor with masala Bollywood songs! What better way to celebrate Women’s day??

At Suyati, we decided to celebrate Women’s Day 2014 by well, celebrating womanhood! We had an elegant and pretty dancer in our midst – Susheela Pai. Her “Dance therapy” session of two hours was intended to make us “feel good” about ourselves. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as expected. Because all of us felt truly awesome!! Her energy and zeal rejuvenated us and our outlook towards life on our special day!

Starting off with a warm up session, the entire program was divided into small tasks of 5-10 minutes each. It included sharing with a partner your positives and negatives, creating a dance of your own with your partner and sharing what “you are really not” with her.

Among the group activities, the most enjoyed event was ‘Lifting your group member’. Here we had to lift all our group members one by one across the stage, without dropping them. And the ones lifted across had to stay put, while the rest of the team went back and ‘dropped’ the next. Finally, the group which safely dropped all its members first at the destination was declared the winner.

Am not sure whether it really was a weight lifting task, because I could see Muktha run like Usain Bolt on the 4*100 meters relay. The only difference was that instead of the baton she was carrying Reshma on her back. LOL!

Another fun activity was when all of us formed a circle, and each one of us was asked to create something out of our imagination from air and hand it over to the next person. The next person had to use the object thus ‘created’, and add to it with her imagination. This continued around the circle. Here, our imagination included a stick, a bird, a football, and even a baby.

Finally came the feedback session, where we asked Susheela about the secret of her beauty and success. She explained it with a one-liner, “Do what you love” :).

The Suyati girls enjoyed the session and have taken this motto to heart. We resolve to do what we enjoy every day from now on. And this means, we’re going to make Suyati rock!

Author : Jeena Maggie James Date : 18 Mar 2014