A wonderful corporate training experience – SuyatiSTEP

SuyatiSTEP was one of the best experiences in my career. Most companies recruit people and put them into a team working on a live project as training. But Suyati did something different. We got training from very basic levels of software development like OOPs concepts, data structures etc. We learned how to relate real world entities to object oriented concepts.

Data structures sessions trained us to write programs that consume minimal memory and time to execute. Another great session was about coding conventions. We were trained about writing good codes that are easy understandable and reusable. The importance of documenting was also discussed. We were introduced to latest web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. We also discussed about Javascript and its libraries like JQuery and KnockoutJS. We got ideas about making beautiful and responsive web sites.

The Business Analysts team introduced us to the different stages in the development of a software project – from gathering requirements to implementation. Modern agile methodologies like Scrum were discussed. Proper testing methods of a software project were also discussed. Other than technical sessions, we also had a session on soft skills. It helped us to improve our language and communication skills. Suyati gave us a wonderful corporate training experience.

Author : Dennis J S Date : 19 Aug 2014