Work up your online store with EPiServer Commerce

EPiServer Commerce

The EPiServer platform carefully balances the multiple aspects of an e-commerce website, namely the front-end and back-end management, perfectly synchronizing it allto give the customers a unified and personalized shopping experience.

Let’s take a look at the platform’s powerful features to understand how it can be a boon to a marketer.

Merchandising was never this easy

The hithertoone-size-fits-all marketing strategy has given way to personalized marketing. Targeting customer segments with relevant product recommendations and increasing your chances of conversion is what merchandising is all about. EPiServer commerce’s personalization features help you automate this process by letting you create target content for specific customer segments based on their interest, demographics, and shopping history. You can create customized product campaigns or choose from a preset promotion. The platform automatically displays the relevant product promotions to the relevant customer.

Managing multi-channel marketing becomes simple

EPiServer lets you create personalized product landing pages and also upload it across multiple channels with its drag-and-drop feature.  You are also assured of an optimized campaign launch across all devices as the platform allows you to customize the views for multiple devices.

Flexible arrangement of product displays

The catalog feature of EPiServer helps you structure the display based on the categories of the products and their variants.  These catalogs are independent of each other; hence a particular product can exist in more than one catalog. Updating a product in a single location leads to an automatic update across the other websites and channels, thereby lending incredible ease to the task of modification or revision. You can leverage this feature to optimize your cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by recommending relevant associated products to your target customer.

Strengthens and the backbone of order management

Order management comes with its set of challenges like monitoring and tracking orders, modifying orders, facilitating an easy return system, providing flexible payment options like a split payment or split shipping address, and so on. The order management feature of the EPiServer commerce platform supports a flexible and robust order management strengthening the backbone of your e-commerce website.  The flexible features like a “fast” check-out wherein the customer need not register on the site encourages the customer to complete their purchase order. The platform also supports all kinds of payments and currencies. Customers are ensured of transparency in transactions since you can show the tax and other payment break-ups in the total cost calculation.

A multi-faceted tool for e-commerce marketing

Think of anything with a multiple facet and this platform covers it all. Multi-language, multi-markets, multi-channel, multiple currencies, you got it all sorted when using the EPiServer commerce. With the multi-language management features, you can use one platform to create any number of e-commerce websites. This becomes a perfect backdrop to manage content and other regional settings for multi-lingual websites that cater to various markets. The payment options that come in multiple currencies and languages make it highly customer friendly and thus an invaluable asset when catering to international customers. Content created in one place gets automatically updated and shared across various channels; a powerful tool for online marketing.

Security is never a worry

If you are worried about your website being targeted by unauthorized users, EPiServer Commerce puts your worries to rest. You can choose which users or user groups can access by configuring access rights. You can either set up rules to manage the store procedures, content, and files or choose to follow the predefined roles specified in the platform.

As we can see, EPiServer commerce with its many unique and powerful features stands out among other customer experience management platforms in terms of giving a smooth e-commerce experience while at the same time giving the marketers well-rounded tools to maximize their cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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Author : Uma Chellappa Date : 24 Aug 2015