Know your best customer segments to focus on

When you have customer data flowing in from all directions, you want to stay focused on the outcome – who should you really focus on. We use multi-disciplinary functions in Advanced Analytics Technologies including big data, machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, neural networks, semantic analysis, and advanced visualizations to unlock the potential of customer analytics, behavior and buying patterns. From being scattered across your platforms, Buyer Rhythms brings the data together into an interconnected and augmented whole.

Different Types of Data Integration

Types of Data Integration

We have made the optimal choices for you with the shortest time-to-value drop-deploy analytics stack. It gives you the ability to grow rapidly, keep up with the performance and address your governance requirements.

Analyze Data

Key Benefits

  • Complete customer insights
  • Customer-centric metrics – Coverage Analysis, Engagement metrics, Campaign metrics, Pipeline & Revenue Metrics, Churn Management
  • Out of the box engine & tools to deliver the results faster – do not have to invest heavily to re-invent the wheels
  • Easier to manage and maintain compared to generically build large analytics platforms
  • The pre-built data model abstractions and customizability options ensure that you can deploy additional advanced analytical models on top with minimal fuss.

How do we do it?

  • Connect to your existing systems and collect the data from diversified systems
  • Drop deploy at your infrastructure and ensure high security and data protection standards
  • Deliver integrated results through business tools such as CRM, CMS, e-Commerce, Marketing Automation tools

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