ENGAGE Customers

Use the intelligence to deliver a Fluid CX

Automate, streamline and optimize every complex task of your customer lifecycle management. Our point solutions can help you map your customer’s journey in identifying potential and valuable customers and obtain higher revenue and profits while providing excellent customer experience. Align your business strategy with our point solutions to improve your customer acquisition and retention programs and deliver a Fluid CX.

Engage Customers

  • ABM

Our Account based Marketing Solution is built by leveraging the existing tools used by our organization for data gathering, marketing automation and sales process. It follows a strategic approach to business marketing to achieve a zero-waste Sales & Marketing Workflow, especially for B2B businesses who focus on a targeted account list for their revenues. Our ABM Solution helps fill the opportunity pipeline with high-quality account leads that are further nurtured with targeted & personalized campaigns leading to quality customer engagements. It aligns sales and marketing teams to sync their messaging, qualification standards and reporting practices.

  • BRbot

BRbot is a website assistant Chatbot developed to initiate and carry out conversations with users. BRbot is a customizable bot that can increase user engagement levels and reduce customer retention rates. It inherits its capabilities from Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing and adapts its behavior based on the customer interactions.

  • CLTV

A machine learning based advanced Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) model that can predict the maximum value a business can derive from the entire relationship with a customer. CLTV can help you make important business decisions about sales, marketing, product development and customer support. Additionally, CLTV also demonstrates the significance of repeat business and can help you shift your priorities accordingly.

  • Lead Ranking

Our unique Lead Ranking model helps the sales and marketing teams to prioritize leads, respond to them appropriately and increase the rate at which those leads becomes your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Drive marketing and sales growth
  • Trigger new business opportunities
  • Interactive engagements with customers
  • Identify your potential customers

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