Life at suyati

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

So long. And thanks for all the fish!

I can’t write this blog. I can’t seem to finish this. But I have to write this farewell blog. I have to. It hurts. But the time has come to say "Good Bye" to Suyati. I can’t stop thinking of all the projects I have been involved in, all the amazing experiences and opportunities I was given, all the issues we faced and overcame together....

Financial Wellness: For those who need to sell their newspapers and beer bottles by the month-end!

Extending Cash Profitably! :D With appraisals round the corner, Suyatians are optimistic about a salary hike! People doing the rounds to ‘soap’ the HR are a common sight! As are late working nights, and 100% attendance! In keeping with the flavor of the season, (and to prevent people from ‘soaping’ them), the HR team decided to hold a Financial Wellness workshop, with the theme –...

About my favorite mentee!

It was less than 2 years ago that I began to mentor Deepak. I started with asking him to learn ASP.NET fundamentals, and record his daily activities, as well as lessons learnt in an excel sheet. I would monitor the excel sheet with interest. For the first 3 days, he updated the excel sheet. But, there were no updates on the fourth and fifth day....

X’tra X’Mas Fun - A Photo Blog

At Suyati, we love to celebrate and hang loose. Sure, we’re very serious when it comes to writing cutting edge code, or discovering new technologies. But any half chance we get to party, we go all out at it. Check it out! [supsystic-gallery id='3']

We don’t just write code; we even run marathons

Yesterday was not just another Sunday for a few Suyatians. For six of them, it was an epic day where they faced a very different challenge for the first time in their lives. Running a half marathon..! Maiden Kochi international half marathon..! Six techies from Suyati teamed up to run the half-marathon. For us, the marathon was not just an opportunity to rub shoulders with...

Collective amnesia on the CEO’s B’day! A photo blog.

We've put the story of Mukund's birthday celebrations in a photo blog. Please click on each photo one by one, moving from left to right, row by row, to read the text and enjoy the day's celebrations. [supsystic-gallery id='4']