Database Administrator

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Database Administrator







Minimum Requirements:

5+ years of total experience as Senior Database Administrator to help us implement best practices in dozens of SQL Server instances, as well as support the lead DBA in day-to-day activities related to monitoring, performing health checks, troubleshooting performance issues, installing updates and responding to incidents.

Major Skills:

Sound knowledge of SQL Server best practices for

  • Disk layout for optimal IO throughput
  • Memory and CPU configurations
  • Security (authentication modes, logins and passwords, server-role membership, database-role membership, service accounts)
  • Backup and restore (where to store files, security, performance)
  • Startup traceflags
  • TempDB and model configuration

Sound knowledge of, and experience with

  • Transaction log architecture and management
  • SQL Agent jobs and steps
  • SQL Agent alerts
  • Database maintenance plans (backups, index maintenance, integrity checks)
  • Taking backups and restoring them (user and system)
  • High Availability solutions (log shipping, mirroring, Failover Clustered Instances)
  • Snapshot and Transactional Replication


Experience configuring and managing Database Mail

Experience configuring SQL Agent properties     

Experience executing disaster recovery drills

Experience designing and implementing backup plans based on Recovery Point Objective

Experience applying and removing SQL Server updates

Experience using Dynamic Management Views to diagnose bottlenecks

Soft Skills:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Ability to work with little supervision
  • Problem solving. Ability to find solutions if a given set of instructions cannot be followed by-the-book

Desirable skills :

  • Experience using Power Shell to perform dba tasks
  • Knowledge of and experience with Availability Groups
  • Query tuning
  • Index design and tuning
  • Experience designing disaster recovery plans based on RPO and RTO
  • Experience using sp_Blitz to diagnose performance issues
  • Experience solving corruption issues found by dbcc checkdb
  • Experience using Ola Hallengren’s maintenance plans
  • Capacity planning and project database growth

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