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AI-first- The focus of Google

There is a marked difference in this year’s Google I/O developer’s conference that is held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. This time the focus of the three days event is not Google products like Android and Chrome, but revolved around advancements in artificial intelligence. Sundar Pichai, CEO said, “The company is using machine […]

Software Companies Riding the Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises across the globe are digitizing their businesses at a remarkable pace. To drive growth and opportunity, software partners are accelerating advancements in AI across their platforms and services. The shift in Microsoft’s focus from hardware to its cloud business and software has definitely increased its revenue. Microsoft saw a revenue rise of 47 per […]

Salesforce and IBM partner to leverage Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce and IBM announce a strategic global partnership aimed to jointly deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. This AI partnership is designed to influence the way companies make decisions smarter and quicker than ever before. IBM Watson, the AI platform introduced by IBM and Salesforce’s AI platform Einstein will seamlessly integrate to empower AI and take […]

The role of AI and GPS in enterprise mobile apps

It’s like waiting for the release of that chartbuster movie. One look at the star cast and you know it is going to be a hit! Similarly, when it comes to the story of enterprise mobile apps, the lead players make its prospects look very promising. Both artificial intelligence (AI) and global positioning system (GPS) […]

Salesforce introduces Einstein AI to Service Cloud

Salesforce is giving an AI makeover to its customer service platform- Service Cloud by introducing Einstein to it. Salesforce rolled out Service Cloud Einstein this week, which is an enhanced version of its customer service cloud. With the power of Einstein, Service Cloud will become more intuitive for the customer service agents as well as […]

Top 5 Roadblocks in the Way of the AI Empowered Community Cloud

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technologies are a rage now. AI works in the background, applying software algorithms on big data to replicate a part of human cognitive abilities. A case in point: A YouGov study in the US predicts $2 billion+ online sales generated exclusively by mobile digital assistants. AI infuses the community cloud with […]


How Artificial Intelligence will transform CRM in 2017

Over the last few years, technology scientists proved that intelligence, far from being only confined to human brains, was in some senses, better implemented in machines. Artificial intelligence has come out in a big way, through a scheme of tech-leaps we have made over time, starting with machine learning, moving on to Big Data and […]

The difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered our daily lives like never before and we are yet to unravel the many other ways in which it could flourish. Spanning speech recognition, virtual personal assistants, video games, smart cars and fraud detection, we can witness AI taking leaps of progress towards the futuristic vision of AI-driven tech-world (think […]


Salesforce Einstein- Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative

Salesforce announced Salesforce Einstein, its artificial intelligence (AI) initiative. This year, artificial intelligence and its close cousins, machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery are the focus areas for the company. Salesforce Einstein isn’t so much a product but is a technology umbrella under which all of Salesforce’s artificial intelligence pieces […]