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How Startups Can Leverage the Top Marketing Trends to Succeed

Today’s business world is extremely fluid, with frequent and unpredictable changes being the order of the day. In such a scenario, marketers face a stiff challenge in planning for the unknown and the unpredictable. Usually, start-ups operate on a water-tight budget, and have little leeway for experimentation. Hence, time tested concepts will work better for […]

What does a good marketing automation look like?

Marketing automation refers to the array of technology that you can deploy to automate your marketing activities across multiple channels like email, social media, and various websites. 75% of companies that implement marketing automation generate substantial returns within a year of implementation.   The benefits of automating your marketing activities are many: Higher marketing efficiency […]

How can Marketo-Drupal integration boost your marketing efforts?

As a B2B company develops its digital marketing strategy, there comes a point where they will need to adopt a Marketing Automation Platform. Today, there are many leading options for the same including Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Act-On and Oracle Eloqua. While most of these will manage your marketing tasks adequately, the coming times will require […]


Amplifying your reach with mobile marketing technologies

It is challenging for today’s brands and businesses to cope up with the demands of the advanced technology users. With the popularity of smart phones, every customer today is updated and aware of advanced technology and communication systems. Photography, video recording, sound recording, music, calculators, calendars, reading e-books, diaries, address books, live chatting, time keeping, […]


Flourish Your Sales with E-mail Marketing

In sync with the technological developments, we label the present era as Digital Age, Information Age or Computer Age. Whatever label we may assign, it is an undeniable fact that online media has revolutionized all walks of our life and marketing is no exception. Marketing is flourishing by exploiting the infinite possibilities using online media. […]


Role of Mobile Solutions in Customer Engagement

Customer engagement plays a vital role in any business. With the evolution of smartphones and internet playing a major role in our lives today, customer behavior has witnessed lot of changes. Organizations need to respond to these changes by implementing online customer engagement facilities.   Customers are able to access the information, track or share […]


The Role of IoT in Digital Marketing

Internet of Things (IoT) is fast growing as an effective marketing tool for consumers and businesses around the world. In a 2015 report on IoT that was published by Strategy Analytics, it was mentioned that nearly 55 percent of the business entities are familiar with the IoT technology and its advantages. The report further says […]

Build an Awesome Mobile Retail Campaign in Three Steps!

With the entry of mobile devices into the population of communication technology, advertising took a radically different meaning. Traditional forms of advertising (static banners, pop-ups) would not be effective, neither would mass emails and general messages about the product/service. With a mobile device inhabiting every region of our lives, we look for advertising that is […]


Personalization Struggles in Marketing

For many, personalized marketing is targeted marketing at its best, where messages are created for individual consumers. These are usually automated processes where computer software is used to craft individual messages that go a long way in building relationships, but it does come with its set of unique challenges. Here are a few insights on […]

SEO Improvement features in Magento 2.0

  The basics of Magento in SEO Magento is extremely powerful in terms of SEO as it is a pioneer among the various ecommerce tools available in the market. Magento has already provided some special features for SEO when it comes to e-commerce websites and it is loaded by some advanced SEO features which are […]