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What’s new in Kentico 10?

Kentico web content management (WCM) suite ranks among the most preferred choices for web development projects, hugely popular for its extensive features, ease of use, pre-defined workflows, smart search, easy customization, and a host of other powerful functionality. Kentico launched version 10 of its WCM suite on November 30, 2016. The suite retains the inherent […]


Kentico Cloud CMS will enhance digital experience of businesses

Failure, they say, is the stepping stone to success. That was certainly the case with Kentico Cloud. In 2013, when the company launched Kentico+, a content management system (CMS) hosted in Microsoft Azure, the results were far from satisfactory. Petr Palas, the founder and CEO of the company, realized that they needed to rethink the […]


The New Smart Features of Kentico 9

Kentico brings together the three building blocks for any outstanding website: CMS, online marketing and e-commerce. Running over 25,000 websites spread across a hundred nations, they recently announced launch of Kentico 9 where the digital strategy is enhanced to sync with necessities of the client. The motive that has fueled the Kentico development is to […]