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Microsoft introduces character support for SharePoint Online: Know what’s new

News has been breaking ever since Microsoft has been vocal about planning the activation of two new characters to be used in folder and file names in its business applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint Online. And, now it has been confirmed that the activation will come to effect this year. Most of the user […]


Advantages of upgrading to SharePoint 2016

Technology migration is essential to maintain a competitive edge in business. But before taking the plunge, one needs to consider whether the cost of purchasing new licenses and moving existing content to a new platform is actually worth the investment. In the case of SharePoint 2016, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Designed, developed, and […]


Challenges with Enhancing SharePoint’s User Adoption

After Microsoft SharePoint hit the market, there was a huge buzz predicting its destiny. Recently, AIIM (a Silver-Spring MD-based data management organization) launched a survey to find out how SharePoint has fared among its users. They found that over 50% of the survey respondents felt that user adoption is a major issue because of absence […]


5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with SharePoint

Human Resources of a company are the building blocks of its success. According to 2015 report on Global Human Capital Trends organized by Bersin Deloitte, a need to create a strategy for employee engagement has been identified. This is a response to the growing worries of employee retention, owing to challenges of diversity in culture. […]


Revolutionize your web experience with EPiServer Connect for SharePoint

EPiServer is stunning its customers with more useful products, services, and strategies to connect digital commerce and digital marketing to provide the best digital experience for its users. What are turning heads now are the add-ons that EPiServer is ready to offer its customers. Out of which, one in particular demands our current attention. So […]

Reap the benefits of integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In order to stay updated about the company’s products, customer service methodologies, and a host of templates and internal documents, the customers using Microsoft Dynamics CRM currently make use of the notes, posts and knowledge-base. However, these come with limitations, namely, it is difficult to append files of large size and collaborate using the CRM. […]


A Sneak Peek at SharePoint 2016

When Microsoft first introduced SharePoint in 2001, it was named Office Server. It emerged from Microsoft’s efforts to create virtual teams and facilitate exchange of information. Office Server grew to become SharePoint, a framework for web based applications. In the year 2010, MSS 2010 (Microsoft SharePoint 2010) was launched. Until 2010, MSS was being deployed […]