Why insurers are betting big on AI powered Chatbots

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Chatbots : The rise of automated Insurance Agents

AI-powered Chatbots are a holy-grail for insurers who are augmenting customer engagement and brand presence. These bots appear to be an appealing option while insurance companies are striving to bring mass personalisation and speedy service to their customers.

Insurance companies are now adopting chatbots for their websites because AI bots can make a quick and reliable way to increase visitor engagement and build trust with customers. Chatbots stand a chance to deliver a truly connected customer experience and help insurers scale and grow if approached correctly. AI-enabled chatbots comes with a handful of benefits for the insurance industry.

  • Reduce customer confusion
  • 24/7 availability
  • Streamlining tedious processes
  • Personalized customer services
  • Reduced cost

How can Chatbots be a helping hand to Insurance companies?

Insurance companies have to reach out to prospective customers at the right time; understand customer need and provide the right product; provide fastest claim support and reject fraudulent claims. Chatbot seems to be applicable and a right fit in all these use-cases.

On-boarding assistant

Bots can quickly assist members in completing onboarding process and give them a clear understanding of their plan coverage.

Insurance agent

Insurance bots can educate customers on how insurance process works, compare policies and select the best one for them.

Filing a claim

A customer can efficiently log a claim by answering a few questions, without having to make a phone call or wait on hold.

Customer Service

With Insurance bots, customers will always have a dedicated 24/7 personal assistant taking care of their insurance-related needs.

Payment Assistance

The bot can remind your customers of the upcoming payments and facilitate their payment process.

Lead Profiling

Drive people from social media ad to messenger where Chatbot can start interacting with them to generate leads.

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