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How Does Microsoft’s Azure Stack Match Up To Amazon’s AWS In Competition

Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS – these are two giants in the cloud computing space that offer enterprise-grade IaaS and PaaS offerings, compatible with several programming languages, coding frameworks, platforms, and third-party programs. Microsoft Azure was announced in 2008; but the official launch came as late as 2010. The announcement saw Azure being titled as […]

What’s new in Salesforce Marketing Cloud October release?

On October 27, 2017, the latest release of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud went live. The new and improved October release comes with a host of striking features that will add more muscle to marketing efforts. Here is a quick run through the latest feature additions that you ought to know about. Einstein Engagement Scoring Einstein […]

Salesforce Essentials: A Brief Overview of the Latest CRM Offering

Microsoft Excel was first launched in 1995. Ever since, Excel spreadsheets have been best friends with business leaders and business development executives. They help track, manage and monitor leads and customers with a considerable amount of ease. Despite its advanced features, like Macros and Visual based coding and the latest cloud-based collaboration, Excel and the […]

Major digital transformation trends for 2018

As 2017 ends, digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of modern business strategy. Digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses – be it automation, logistics, software, retail or medical – the key drivers being profitability, customer satisfaction and increased speed-to-market. Some of the big players such as Cloud, Internet […]

How will the farming and agriculture sector benefit from IoT in 2018

Our world is becoming interconnected. All things are becoming intelligent. Internet of Things has turned our world into a mesh of smart sensor connected network. From home appliances to giant windmills, IoT binds every imaginable device to a network for remote access and smart functioning. Farms, crops, and grains are no exception to it. Agriculture—where […]

All you need to know about Azure Confidential Computing

According to a recent announcement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  a 2016 hack is having serious implications even in the present day. According to key findings from the Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017 conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, over nine billion records have been lost, stolen or compromised across several industries […]

Salesforce Lead Analytics Tool – Salesforce’s new integration with Facebook

Salesforce announced the release of their new analytics product – Salesforce Lead Analytics which aims to help B2B marketers measure the performance of their Facebook Ad campaigns. The B2B marketers now will have a superior visibility of prospects, as to whether they have turned to an active opportunity. This is definitely an advantage as previously, […]

A Comparison of the Top Four Machine Learning Platforms

Welcome to the Age of Analytics — a time where data drives decision-making and inferences are made by interpreting mounds of data no human can sift through. Enter the Machines. Machine Learning has grown in relevance over the past few years with its ability to sieve through and analyze large sets of data to give […]

5 Key reasons why you should attend Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017 is right around the corner. This year there are tons of exciting sessions, plenty of top grade talent and speakers and loads of innovative solutions waiting to make their mark at San Francisco during the 4 day event. This infographic throws light into Why should you attend Dreamforce 2017? Who are the key […]

Key Security Updates in Salesforce Summer’17 release

If there’s one thing that makes Salesforce a cut above the rest, it is its consistent and methodological approach of releasing new and innovative features, providing its users with the latest cutting-edge possibilities. True to form, the Summer 2017 release offers some significant upgrades. The primary upgrade in this release relates to security. The spate […]