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Contextual Marketing: Building Experiences with Sitecore Cloud

Since the birth of advertising, the pursuit of personalization has been the governing principle of its growth. In the recent decades, the inflow of humongous information allows us to access data about customers, and create advertisements to sync with their needs. From simply getting across the right message at the right time to the right […]

6 reasons why SharePoint is good for your business

Why do more than 250,000 companies, including 85 per cent of Fortune 500 companies, have a SharePoint installation in their organization? Because everybody wants a connected workplace that facilitates hassle-free sharing of information and knowledge, in a secure environment. With the latest announcement of innovations in SharePoint 2016, it’s truly evolving into a document management […]

Key Takeaways from the May 2017 SharePoint Virtual Summit

When it comes to establishing a strong collaboration among a geographically dispersed workforce, the stakes are extremely high. Among the many collaboration tools available in the market, Microsoft Office 365, with a 100 million-plus monthly active user-base, is now the leading choice for establishing a completely secure communication and collaboration solution. And, that’s what the […]

Top Industry Specific CMS predictions for 2017

Today’s Content Management Systems (CMS) focus on transforming customer experience by adopting a customer-centric approach, increased digitalization, and greater contextualization. A CMS channelizes customer-centric approach through: End-to-end customer support Greater blending of sales and support Greater scalability, with more number of virtual agents and self-service options  Increased digitalization with CMS: Spread of the cloud Greater […]

How Episerver takes digital experience cross channel

A blend of digital commerce, content and marketing on a single platform – that’s Episerver for you! Lauded particularly for its holistic vision, Episerver is touted as the only platform that integrates these three significant elements on a single screen. Episerver has been leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to bring a dynamic perspective to […]

Microsoft introduces character support for SharePoint Online: Know what’s new

News has been breaking ever since Microsoft has been vocal about planning the activation of two new characters to be used in folder and file names in its business applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint Online. And, now it has been confirmed that the activation will come to effect this year. Most of the user […]

How Sitecore MVC differs from ASP.NET MVC?

Enterprise application development is a topic that has been gaining more prominence as a key area of discussion. Perhaps the most common challenge faced by enterprise developers today is the need to enable seamless communication between business and development for ultimate project success. In order to work towards this goal, enterprise developers work on architectural […]

Top 10 Web CMS trends for 2017

What are the web content management trends that will stand out in 2017? Like any other technology, change is the only constant thing in web CMS. As the total WCM market is expected to touch $6.85 billion by 2020, the leading web content management systems are due for some major re-alignment in 2017. The entry […]

What’s new in Kentico 10?

Kentico web content management (WCM) suite ranks among the most preferred choices for web development projects, hugely popular for its extensive features, ease of use, pre-defined workflows, smart search, easy customization, and a host of other powerful functionality. Kentico launched version 10 of its WCM suite on November 30, 2016. The suite retains the inherent […]

What makes Drupal 7 still popular despite Drupal 8 release

Drupal 8 was released in November 2015, but bucking the trend of users adopting the new in place of the old, the incumbent Drupal 7 continues to be widely popular, and there is a general reluctance to upgrade to Drupal 8. On the face of it, the lukewarm response to Drupal 8 may come as […]