Your Salesforce Project Needs
Continuous Integration. Why?

As your Salesforce project undergoes heavy customization, frequent builds, and migrations, making constant changes is a laborious and tedious work. With Continuous Integration in place, it not only helps the development teams to detect errors early but also helps to make quick bug fixes frequently. Ultimately delivering more value to customers.

Continuous Integration has become an almost essential part of any software development. Your product ideas may be the greatest of all time, but without getting the work done in a timely and accurate way regularly, it is hard to keep up with the competition. This handy step-by-step eBook will show you how continuous integration can help you do just that.

This eBook covers:

  • Overview of Continuous Integration for Salesforce projects
  • How Continuous Integration works
  • Tools to get started with Continuous Integration
  • How to set up Continuous Integration
  • 3rd Party Apps that support Continuous Integration
  • Best Practices of Continuous Integration
  • Outstanding Advantages of Salesforce Continuous Integration

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