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Integrate AI with CRM to keep customers delighted

For customers who are used to Netflix suggestions on programs to watch and Amazon’s hyper-customized shopping deals, customer relationship is all about meeting – if not exceeding – expectations seamlessly, and without making much noise. The customer experience a company provides is as important as the products it offers. Understandably, it’s not easy for enterprises […]

Key benefits of MS Dynamics 365

A satisfied customer is the end goal every department in every organization works in tandem towards. What helps is the right kind of quality data that is collected through your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Having an integrated solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, when used correctly, can ensure a huge boost in innovation and […]

All you need to know about Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

The business process flow feature in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps the user to understand the various stages associated with the business and the vital information that is captured in each stage. There can be multiple business process flows for an Entity, along with the ability to create custom ones whenever needed. This blog […]

Salesforce and Pardot: Redefine Your Marketing Strategy for Increased ROI

Marketing automation is what modern marketers swear by to get ahead in today’s competitive world. If implemented well, it can be a real game changer, making a huge impact on the Return on Investment. Marketing automation is all about optimization. In simple terms it refers to those platforms and technologies that help streamline, automate, measure […]

Four Hidden Facts You Never Knew About Salesforce Users

  Gartner named it the World’s #1 CRM Platform of 2016. 90% of Fortune 500 companies use at least one app from Salesforce’s AppExchange. 150,000+ enterprise users rely on it to carry out everyday transactions. We are talking numbers related to Salesforce. Salesforce is not any ordinary tool. It is a globally acclaimed enterprise-grade CRM […]

How is Microsoft positioning Dynamics 365 as a catalyst in Digital Transformation?

The winds of change spare no one. Every enterprise is in the process of some transition or other, trying to cope with a highly fluid business environment, characterized by fast-paced changes. Two common threads underlying the transformation efforts are Updating legacy systems to leverage the latest technologies, in a quest to stay relevant. A focus […]

7 ways in which CRM and Phone integration can be a money saver for businesses

Mobile technology has taken over traditional forms of communication, gradually becoming the core of business development and communication. This calls for a switch to newer methods of communication. Likewise, the customer is at the helm of all business interactions; and the cloud serves as the best platform to nurture customer relationships and manage business transactions. […]

What’s new in Salesforce Marketing Cloud October release?

On October 27, 2017, the latest release of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud went live. The new and improved October release comes with a host of striking features that will add more muscle to marketing efforts. Here is a quick run through the latest feature additions that you ought to know about. Einstein Engagement Scoring Einstein […]

Make it easy with Relevance Search – Dynamics 365

Have you ever been in a scenario where you wanted to search immediately for a “Client/Customer” during a call or even a phrase without being sure of which entity (accounts, leads, opportunity, contact …) it belongs to? Or that you wanted to search for a document you had uploaded sometime in the past, but not […]

Salesforce Essentials: A Brief Overview of the Latest CRM Offering

Microsoft Excel was first launched in 1995. Ever since, Excel spreadsheets have been best friends with business leaders and business development executives. They help track, manage and monitor leads and customers with a considerable amount of ease. Despite its advanced features, like Macros and Visual based coding and the latest cloud-based collaboration, Excel and the […]