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Top 5 cybersecurity investments that every organization needs to make by 2020

There is a persistent threat of cyber-attacks; and enterprises are becoming increasingly aware of this threat. Since cyber crimes have grown in complexity and variety, enterprises need to come out of their comfort zones and make proactive cybersecurity investments to stay ahead of the attackers. Here’s a look at what companies can do to actively […]

All you need to know about Azure Confidential Computing

According to a recent announcement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  a 2016 hack is having serious implications even in the present day. According to key findings from the Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017 conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, over nine billion records have been lost, stolen or compromised across several industries […]

10 security challenges in the IoT ecosystem

Let’s begin with some statistics. By 2020, says a study, there will be 20.4 billion ‘connected things’ across the world. Through 2022, says another study, half of all security budgets for the Internet of Things (IoT) will go to fault remediation, recalls and safety failures rather than protection. In our relentless hunger for smarter, connected […]

Blockchain in marketing? More power to the customer!

If you think blockchain is something that’s happening only in the financial industry, you couldn’t be more wrong! The technology is all set to disrupt almost every business that deals with data transactions. According to a recent study, the global blockchain market is expected to register an annual growth rate of 55.59 per cent between […]

Key Security Updates in Salesforce Summer’17 release

If there’s one thing that makes Salesforce a cut above the rest, it is its consistent and methodological approach of releasing new and innovative features, providing its users with the latest cutting-edge possibilities. True to form, the Summer 2017 release offers some significant upgrades. The primary upgrade in this release relates to security. The spate […]

What are the implications of implementing GDPR in EU?

In the United States, data is today a valuable asset that can be traded. But in Europe it is a different story. Data is something personal and private. Under the UK’s current Data Protection Act, the outcome of data processed without the customer’s consent isn’t quite clearly defined presently. This will get more clarity, from […]

Enterprise Mobility Trends and Addressing Security Concerns

Market analysts predict that by 2018, 25 percent of corporate data will flow directly from mobile devices to the cloud completely bypassing the perimeter security. Until we reach that stage, security is the top concern for every enterprise that embraces mobile cloud-first technology approach. Enterprise mobility is a mobility ecosystem encompassing cloud services, apps, data […]

How to save yourself from WannaCry ransomware

As we have detailed to you in yesterday’s post, the WannaCry ransomware is still spreading and it is vital to know how you can protect yourself from the attacks. First of all, know who all are at risk The WannaCry ransomware is majorly targeting the following versions of Windows: Windows 8 Windows XP Windows Server […]