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How to Improve Your Offshore Team

Challenges are everywhere, in different forms in every project we work in. It is augmented when a part of the team is working from another part of the globe. Streamlining the process and expectations help develop understanding among the teams and to keep the projects on track.   Onsite-offshore team relationship Care should be taken […]

How to retain IT customer delight- The golden rules

  Surprising a customer by exceeding his or her expectations, and creating a positive emotional reaction that lingers forever – that’s Customer Delight. It can be showcased through a simple formula: Customer Satisfaction = {Service Received – Expected Service} => Delighted OR Satisfied OR Dissatisfied It’s easy if you have this formula; but it’s important […]

All that you need to know about IT Outsourcing trends across the globe

Enterprises the world over are continuing to face skill shortage, whether in Sales and Marketing, Leadership or IT. In IT alone, there is a 21% skill gap due to budget constraints, lack of skill sets in the immediate market, lack of time and high attrition rates. If these skill gaps continue to exist, companies will […]

Can you erase the cultural barriers to outsourcing? Or is that asking for trouble?

I imagine hell like this: Italian punctuality, German humour and English wine. ― Peter Ustinov Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Language is the key to the heart of people. ― Ahmed Deedat Can you erase the cultural barriers to outsourcing? […]

Five misconceptions every CIO has about outsourcing. And why they are just that – misconceptions.

“This is why our society is frazzled; this misconception that we can consciously do more than one thing at a time effectively.” – Deepak Chopra Nothing gets the CIO or the CEO of a company more energized than an outsourced development team that is working as smooth as a well-oiled machine. Requirements are gathered, functional […]

Making the right investment in your Transformational Projects

It’s that time of the year when companies plan their internal investment strategies and decide on how and where to invest. For enterprises investing in internal IT, the areas to invest in are numerous; the mainstream or core sector which involves traditional IT services – app development, web outsourcing etc, and the new or transformational […]

From Cost to Value – transforming your internal IT department

IT and business- Both working well together can maximize the IT contribution at your enterprise. By managing your internal IT department, it is possible to increase revenue, reduce spending, and ultimately improve your enterprise efficiency. Once you shift your mind-set from “costing” to “value-add”, your internal IT department will contribute towards your company’s success. But most […]

Are you listening? Inadequate workforce for the cloud

Imagine owning a sleek, snazzy, feature rich IPhone, but no Apple engineer or support staff to service it! Quite unlikely you say? Not for companies that provide cloud computing services. In an industry inching its way towards cloud services, there seem to be a shortage in skillsets that are required to service cloud customers. It […]

2012 Outsourcing Trends to watch out for

With the global downturn and companies declaring mediocre annual results, IT outsourcing may take a hit. However, 2012 will see companies revamping their outsourcing policies, creating newer engagement models, and ensuring that more and more could be achieved with less. Here are a few outsourcing trends we feel CIOs need to watch out for: Pricing […]

Small Businesses – Big Finance Troubles? Tips for a better 2012!

It’s never too late. Yes, never too late to figure out your finances and set things straight for the year ahead. Now is the perfect time to begin, especially for small business owners to plan their finances, get organized, and have a financial roadmap set for the entire year.  Here, are a few quick steps […]