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Integrating Content Management and Marketing Automation

Integrating Marketing Automation and Content Management Systems Over 57% of B2B purchasers, on average, make their purchase decisions before they talk to the sales rep of the company. It has become ever more imperative to generate rich, relevant content and ensure it reaches your potential leads as they evaluate their choices. While a Content Management […]

Getting your content marketing strategy ready for the 2017 Holiday season

The average shopper spends $967 during the holiday season. However, getting a share of the pie is not easy, as competition is cut-throat. Here are the different options for retailers to get their content marketing strategy right for the crucial make-or-break season.  1. Get the Website Landing Page Content Right With so many retailers chasing […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Magento: How to win customer hearts with lightning fast product pages?

In today’s world, a second can last a lifetime. Or that’s the feeling one gets as webpages load on a mobile browser. From an e-commerce point of view, it has been a major problem. Despite mobile hogging 60% of the browsing traffic, it only contributed to 15% of the sales. This contrast is glaring when […]

Salesforce Lead Analytics Tool – Salesforce’s new integration with Facebook

Salesforce announced the release of their new analytics product – Salesforce Lead Analytics which aims to help B2B marketers measure the performance of their Facebook Ad campaigns. The B2B marketers now will have a superior visibility of prospects, as to whether they have turned to an active opportunity. This is definitely an advantage as previously, […]

What can social CRM software help your business accomplish

The rapid proliferation and adoption of social media has steadily led to the need for customer engagement on social media platforms. The customer relationship life cycle has undergone a transformation with social media communication turning into a distinct channel to reach customers. Traditionally, CRM worked only within the confines of brick and mortar spaces and […]

7 things to consider when planning promotional email campaigns

Technology unlocks several new ways to engage with the customer, but the quintessential email still holds its ground as the most preferred option. Email use worldwide is expected to top three billion users by 2020.  However, it does mean a marketer can simply blast emails, sit back, and relax! It still requires considerable hard work, in fact […]

5 ways to make your social media strategy a hit

With social media gaining ground as the ultimate marketing tool, there is more reason to believe that it is an impact-driven resource to drive advertising goals. Especially with the onset of digital, the traditional methods of advertising seem to be losing their sheen, and businesses are looking to harness the power of social media positively. […]

Secret to app store optimization? Smart meta descriptions

Say you are looking for an app to help you get fit. How do you find that perfect fitness app? Chances are you’ll head to the app store for some window-shopping. Naturally, the apps that have better visibility and smarter positioning will stand out in the sea of apps competing for customer attention. While an […]

Blockchain in marketing? More power to the customer!

If you think blockchain is something that’s happening only in the financial industry, you couldn’t be more wrong! The technology is all set to disrupt almost every business that deals with data transactions. According to a recent study, the global blockchain market is expected to register an annual growth rate of 55.59 per cent between […]

How is AI Powered Social Media Image recognition going to be a winner for Salesforce?

The world of computing is evolving day-by-day, in sync with the latest developments in technology. Among the most significant tech changes in recent times is facial recognition. Correspondingly, images, videos and other rich media have eaten into the space of text based content in a big way. As is always the case, computing technology has […]