Experience value with Suyati’s expertise and experience in implementing digital transformation solutions. Our solutions ensure that you continuously optimize business processes, customer services and core competencies.

What sets us apart as your ideal DT partner?

Reason #1

A tailor-made platform to accelerate your digital transformation

The first step in transforming your business starts with an effective DT strategy. Mekanate helps you discover your business DNA from your passive and active data, and use it to initiate, integrate and accelerate your DT implementation.

With Mekanate, you can:

  • Build a business pipeline by connecting your enterprise systems
  • Create a health check of your enterprise business
  • Capture business events and derive insights out of them in real time.

Reason #2

Singular focus on Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention Solutions

Suyati delivers the best digital customer experience across all customer touch points by adopting design-thinking methodology and an insight-driven approach. Our proven expertise covers the entire customer relationship lifecycle enabled by CMS, CRM, Ecommerce and Marketing Automation technologies.

Reason #3

Technical centers of excellence that constantly researches, develops and innovates

Need solutions to your business problems? Or patches to your technical glitches? For either end of the spectrum there is a solution that our Innovation team can come up with. Big data, machine learning, analytics, data mining – the list of technology we continuously work in, and create solutions for, ensures that clients get a solution that is business relevant, technically brilliant, and that works.

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