Digital Transformation

Digital transformation touches FOUR critical aspects of a business – customer acquisition, business model, core operations and culture. Here’s how some of Suyati’s digital transformation solutions have impacted our customer’s business.

Customer Experience

  • Develop the complete eCommerce experience
  • Connect CRM, eCommerce and ERP systems to offer integrated customer view
  • Own end to end mobile development and user exp

Intelligent Marketing

  • Help the organization in making effective customer segmentations to offer targeted customer communication
  • Connect CRM, eCommerce and ERP systems to offer integrated customer view
  • Usage based intelligent campaign management

Efficient Operations

  • Deployed delivery management system to optimize the delivery routs
  • Digitize the customer support functions to reduce the manual efforts

200% TCO

7x improvement in the
payment process

Zero user lag and 100%
agile supply chain

Customer Experience

  • Maintain an integrated customer experience across more than 30 different web domains
  • Develop new products and services in the Self publishing space based on the market requirements

Intelligent Marketing

  • Help in integrating the CMS and CRM platform to streamline marketing and sales services
  • Provide integrated solution for lead management process (acquisition, conversion and lead processing

Efficient Operations

  • Integrate CRM (Salesforce) with voice and chat functions to capture client interactions
  • Automate sales workflows in the Salesforce and integrate salesforce with other interface systems

Personnel costs
reduced to 1/3rd

Winner: Ektron site of
the Year’14 - Integration

400,000+ books

23 Production

Customer Experience

  • Enhance and maintain the complete CRM system (MS Dynamics)
  • MELT Analysis to minimize dropout rates post the first touch point

Intelligent Marketing

  • Optimization of investments made in the lead buying process based on the Customer Life Time Value Analysis

Efficient Operations

  • Create digital content and provide content consumption feedback to the content design team
  • Manage and maintain the cloud IT infrastructure for the online learning platform

5x conversions with
lead optimization

3x better site

100% business
intelligence delivered

Platform Design

  • Developed a technology platform that utilize technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.
  • The platform facilitates information exchanges based on data gathered from IoT devices

Integrated Digital Social Experience

  • Development of fully integrated social experience within the app for the end users
  • The Social experience supports content creation, content sharing, and user engagement

Privacy By Design

  • Facilitated the development of data storage ecosystem that allows users to protect their personal data
  • The data storage architecture allow the platform users to control and keep track of who (user or algorithm on platform) can access the user information

why you need to transform your business digitally today