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Digital Transformation – the way forward for operational excellence

Research clearly shows that the improvement of operational excellence or performance is the primary driver for companies to enhance their investments in all that is related to business process improvement (BPI). Obstacles to operational excellence, as you will know, have largely to do with the lack of metrics and the inability therefore to measure them […]

How Can a Data-driven Culture Help in Customer Experience?

So, what exactly is a data-driven culture? Data-driven culture is nothing but a culture in an organization that empowers every individual to gain access to the humongous data of the organization that can be used to analyze and gain insight from, and assist in the day-to-day decision making process. Simply put, it is letting data […]

Integrating Lean Principles In Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation and Lean principles are two concepts that are changing the way businesses operate today. The reasons are many – the need to deliver better customer experience, the shift of power from “push” to “pull”, higher customer expectations and intense competition. How are companies incorporating these into their businesses? Two Concepts Are Better Than […]

CIO checklist: 8 digital transformation essentials for 2018

The “back office” guy has made it to the top. No longer is he expected to simply manage IT and day-to-day operations. From creating seamless digital customer experiences to bridging the silos in the organization’s functional departments, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has evolved and how! He is at the heart of […]

Digital transformation: The promise of incredible customer experience

Wanna have pizza? Tweet an emoji to Domino’s Pizza and voila, the genie will make your wish come true. Or, you could log on to Facebook Messenger and ask Dom—Domino’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot—to do the needful. Given Dom’s growing popularity, he now also has a voice and is available across select stores in the […]

CTOs checklist – 5 things that block your digital transformation adoption

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is not an easy age for a chief technology officer (CTO) – the challenges include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), advanced data analytics, and the like. The new age CTO is also expected to be the architect of digital transformation initiatives that drive business innovation and productivity.  On […]

Key Change Management skills for smooth Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, the most challenging factor isn’t the technology. It’s about how well you manage the vast cultural change it brings about and getting your employees to accept it. Effective change management is vital for successful Digital Transformation, which considers culture and technology as equals. There’s a lot of effort, time […]

How can chatbots help insurance providers win more customers?

Log into the website of any service provider today and you are most likely going to have a chat bot pop up and ask you if you need assistance of any sort. The introduction of chat bots to interact with a customer, existing or potential, came into use around a decade ago. What used to […]

Six Digital Transformation Technologies that will rule enterprises in 2018

The landscape of business solutions is changing constantly, making it tough for enterprises to stay up and run with progressing trends. It is particularly true in today’s world, with the unceasing level of innovation driven by enhanced and complex digital technologies. While the idea of digital transformation isn’t new, what we are seeing today is […]

The need for a Digital Makeover in the Publishing Industry

Life has become much faster with the arrival of internet, one cannot imagine a day without internet, social media and mobile phone. These three factors have changed the game for all players i.e. for businesses, customers and suppliers, alike. To understand the depth of these changes, ask yourself these questions: When was the last time […]