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The need for a Digital Makeover in the Publishing Industry

Life has become much faster with the arrival of internet, one cannot imagine a day without internet, social media and mobile phone. These three factors have changed the game for all players i.e. for businesses, customers and suppliers, alike. To understand the depth of these changes, ask yourself these questions: When was the last time […]

How will digital transformation impact recruitment and manpower consulting

Recruiters are the brand ambassadors of a company as they are the first people with whom a candidate interacts. In addition, HR plays a crucial role in shaping the culture and talent of any organization. From personnel management role to a business partner/strategic role, HR has undergone tremendous changes in the last decade. While attracting […]

A guide to implementing blockchain for insurance providers

Imagine a world without mistrust. A world where all agreements, contracts, processes are embedded in digital code, stored in secure databases, and easily shared, sans intermediaries. No fear of fraud, cyber-attacks, security lapses. Too utopian, you think?    With blockchain – hailed as the greatest revolution since the advent of the Internet – all this and […]

A guide to Internet of Things in Publishing

Digital publishing is on quite a high right now and with the Internet of Things (IoT) it is poised on the precipice of growing much bigger. While IoT and its ways have permeated into most sectors, the publishing industry has been slowly catching up. For those in the sector, the entry of IoT into publishing […]

How Digital Transformation Can Help Small Businesses

Ten years ago, it would have seemed impossible for a start-up to dominate industries such as transportation and e-commerce or hotel and lodging. Yet, companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Amazon represent a modern phenomenon that makes this possible: Digital Transformation. Every small company dreams to go big, yet the odds are stacked against them. […]

How Will Digital Transformation Impact Fulfillment In Logistics And Delivery?

The logistics industry used to be known as an arduous tarmac-driven one. Digital Transformation is molding the industry’s image as one that is data-driven and built on intelligent systems. Digital Transformation is also fueling the growth and efficiency of the logistics and delivery industry in ways that were previously inaccessible or deemed impossible. Day-old reports […]

Jumpstarting Digital Transformation in Banking

Digital Transformation (DT) has permeated into quite a few sectors and consumers have been enjoying the perks for a while now. But there has been a slow-down of implementation of Digital Transformation in process-oriented industries. In fact, banking is among those segments that has been slow on the take. Understanding the need for DT, charting […]

How Big Is The Impact Of Big Data In Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency?

From equipment log sheets to digital spreadsheets, data capture is an ingrained routine of the manufacturing function. Without data, a factory foreman cannot steer manufacturing efforts in the right direction to meet production budgets. Without data, the operations manager cannot predict how and where resources are being spent and how justified the yield is. Data […]

AI for the Banking Sector – An Inescapable Reality

Artificial intelligence (AI) is among the top priorities in a range of emerging technologies that are being used across the financial services industry. If we take a bird’s eye view of the retail banking market currently, we will find that the customer is at the heart of all digital transformation projects that are currently being […]

How Digital Transformation Will Create the Future of Retail

The journey is the destination. In the retail industry, experiences all along the customer journey is what really counts. Retailers need to rethink how customers perceive their products, the experiences that they encounter during their journey from discovery to delivery, and how the post-purchase effect has an impact on future purchases. Digitization would enable retailers […]