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Top 3 digital transformation essentials that healthcare organizations cannot miss out in 2018

Healthcare providers will be among the top three spenders on digital transformation – with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.7 per cent – by 2021, predicts International Data Corporation (IDC). For an industry that has traditionally been hesitant to adopt information technology, the healthcare sector today is all set to embrace the digital […]

Top five misconceptions that enterprises have about Digital Transformation

It is not news that businesses need to undertake digital transformation if they are to keep up with the times, competition and the demands of the market. Digitization has therefore gone from being trend to becoming a core competency. That being said, despite the many years that digitization has been spoken of as a necessity, […]

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: How Predictive Maintenance Could Be a Game Changer

Rising competition. Global pricing pressure. Volatile taxation. The manufacturing industry has a constant list of troubles to take care of. Above all this comes the unexpected and uninvited equipment breakdowns, which throws the spanner into the otherwise smooth manufacturing chain. Traditionally, manufacturers had to take equipment off their production hours to diagnose these emergency performance […]

How to Integrate Data for Digital Transformation Success

The species that are most receptive to change are the ones that survive – Charles Darwin The line between our physical and digital lives are getting blurred as companies make the great digital transformation. By integrating digital, companies are increasing turnover, customer satisfaction and value. Airbnb is a classic example that has transformed the entire […]

Decoding the benefits of omnichannel adoption in banking

Studies show that 20 per cent  customers today prefer to perform banking tasks online. And this holds true not just for the tech-savvy millennial, but also for older individuals who are open to embracing digital channels. That’s not to say that customers are no longer walking into brick and mortar branches to avail of financial […]

Give your business an edge with smart digital transformation in 2018

Business, as we know it, has changed over the last decade and a half. With the arrival of social media, mobile penetration, and of course the Cloud, the way we do business has seen a dramatic change. For businesses that had the foresight to align themselves with dynamic digital transformations, the benefits have been manifold. […]

How to create a connected supply chain with Digital Transformation

For any business to thrive, the basics include getting your supply chain management (a combination of logistics, transportation and warehouse facilities) in sync. This is something businesses have worked on much before digitization. With better connectivity and communication being enabled by digitization, the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) simply took things to the next […]

Digital Transformation Trends in Manufacturing – How to Build Factories of the Future

The rise of the digital consumer has increased the challenges faced by manufacturers. Manufacturers not only need to make quality products at cheaper prices and at a faster rate, they need to adapt and evolve to constantly changing consumer tastes or newly arising industry needs as well. The cost of failure or downtime is at […]

How the Educational Sector Can Embrace Digital Transformation in 2018: Doing their Homework Right

Observe the last 20 years. Hasn’t everything we have done changed drastically—from the way we work, to the way we care for our loved ones? Yet, education, which is supposed to prepare us for life has been following the same old method of teaching, largely unchanged since the last 200 years. There has been an […]

How can companies ditch that gut feeling and make decisions based on data?

Cristopher Frank, co-author of Drinking from the fire hose: Making smarter decisions without drowning in information, has an interesting analogy to explain the plight of hi-tech companies struggling with digital transformation. Remember the protagonist from the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland? The story goes that Alice asks the Cheshire cat for directions, who in response […]