Customer 360

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.Steve Jobs

Every business wants to create a total “Customer Experience”. But where do you start? And how do you have a single, consistent – and persistent – relationship with a customer who engages with you across multiple channels? More importantly, how do you convert your customer into a strong brand advocate?

For a true Customer 360 program, the key is to create a consistent and relevant experience across multiple touchpoints. At Suyati Technologies, we help implement Customer 360 programs that revolve around three key components:

Define customer landscape
  • Analyze your customer’s touchpoints with your technology, systems and processes
  • Detect where inefficiencies occur that affect cost, speed, quality and risk in the concerned processes
  • Create an overall plan that integrates systems and technologies to talk to each other
Generate connected insights
  • Implement a “Framework” approach based on reusable code components for Integration & Analytics
  • Leverage your existing investments on varied platforms and tailor make a solution based on the gap
  • Deliver a hyper-personalized experience for every prospect and lead
Get shareholder buy-in
  • Demonstrate value of a program quickly to business stakeholders and secure adoption
  • Scale up value addition by leveraging connected ecosystems, and
  • Transform truly through Insights driven solutions & business model innovation

Customer experience is a journey and an on-going commitment. No matter what your goal is with your Customer 360 program, Suyati can help you shorten your acquisition cost, increase retention rates and enhance customer delight across multiple channels.

Want to see how we can jump right in and help demonstrate an ROI-driven Customer360 program at your business?

Connected Insights

Every organization thrives on dependency. Structuring interconnectedness and coupling insights within the digital footprints of an organization is the next critical step after all business processes and necessary automations are in place.To respond effectively to disruptive changes in the worldwide consumer behavior and expectations, there is an urge to create insights from scattered data to improve customer experience and achieve profitable growth.

Most businesses aims to increase investments in platforms like ERP, CRM, CMS, Marketing Automation, HCM or Ecommerce. Interestingly, CRM tops the list in investment technology. The true power of these platforms and true ROI from these platforms can be attained when the interrelated ecosystem is created from connecting scattered business data.


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