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Magento EE 2.14- What’s new in this version?

Description for the infographic: The e-commerce store Magento is popular because it is highly customizable. On February 7, 2017, Magento released new updates. The new features of the EE 2.14 version are aimed at achieving maximum revenue, improve performance and resolve security problems.

Magento Commerce introduces Magento Shipping multi-carrier solution

The shipping process is an integral element of e-commerce. Online stores and e-commerce merchants sell products all over the world using different shipping services. One of the primary challenges merchants face today is the dearth of cost-effective shipping processes that enable seamless product delivery. Known to be one of the most innovative solution providers in […]

How Magento supports multi-vendor extension with unmatched plug-ins?

It has been sometime since e-commerce has become the game-changer for many businesses. It was followed by a deluge of various platforms aspiring to provide better possibilities, opportunities, innovations and user experience on any online marketplace. Magento was born with the purpose to deliver exemplary levels of customization and usability to all parties concerned. However, […]

Reap the benefits of Cloud in Retail

The retail industry is undergoing a dynamic shift in the direction of innovation, especially with flourishing e-commerce business. A report by the National Retail Federation shows immense promise in the retail industry. This year, retail sale is projected to grow at around 3.1%. As consumers are embracing online shopping with more enthusiasm, both brick-and-mortar stores […]

How to solve two distressing pain points in Magento

Magento is the ecommerce platform for future, there is no doubt about that. Since its official release in 2008, the activity around Magento seems to be high, estimates Google Trend. Moreover, out of the top 100,000 ecommerce websites, 16% use Magento ecommerce CMS. Considering all these factors, why users still complain about Magento? For one […]

10 ecommerce solutions for your Drupal website

Drupal is house to a robust set of features and tools for almost every kind of website, including ecommerce ones. The ecommerce community in Drupal keep rolling out powerful features to help build simple and intuitive websites. Drupal Commerce and Ubercart are the major players in Drupal ecommerce market. However, over the past few months, […]

How to secure online transactions for your customers

In cashless societies, there is very little dependence on cash transactions. Money is exchanged and recorded in the electronic digital forms. In the UK, it was reported last year that 1 in 7 people no longer carries or use cash. In contrast, in developing countries like India, less than 5% of all payments happen electronically. […]

5 damaging UX issues and their solutions

To those who are yet to test the waters, e-commerce may look like a cakewalk. What does it take, they might wonder. A website, some products, some content, a shopping cart and a payment gateway and you are set, right? Not really, it turns out. Experience e-retailers will attest that an e-commerce site with all […]

Why choose nopCommerce for your E-Commerce needs?

The principles of design and visual appeal are common for both B2B and B2C websites, but B2B websites will have to be more robust as their customers are enterprises with exacting standards of quality who make high-value purchases. A B2B website should be designed to convince another business to purchase from them. For this to […]

Advantages of moving to an enterprise E-Commerce CMS

Data is the backbone of every enterprise that is serious about eCommerce. To be a leading player in the market, it is important to know how to manage, analyze and use this important asset in the right manner.   Enterprise content management system offers one of the best solutions for e-commerce business. It is a […]