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Episerver’s Spring Release, and the road ahead post merger

The Ektron EPiServer merger has created ripples in the WCM space. The Spring Release ’15 is the first major release since the merger.  Here is what our CTO had to say as covered by  CMSWire Here’s the excerpt: When asked about the merger and how it shape up the Digital Experience Space, this is what […]

Ektron–Episerver Merger – What it means for businesses using these CMS

Rumors of Ektron’s impending take-over finally came true when Accel-KKR, the equity firm who backed Ektron CMS announced its acquisition of the brand in December 2014, and followed it up by the decision to merge it with EPiServer, another CMS brand it acquired. The industry always reacts to any CMS take-over with anxiety. The fear […]

Has Your Ektron Investment Just Gone Down the Drain?

The private equity firm Accel-KKR, the primary backer of Ektron CMS acquired 100% stake of the CMS in December 2014. The company also acquired EPiServer, another content management system, and now Accel-KKR is merging these two CMS companies. Technically, Ektron is merging into EPiServer. However, reports of Ektron’s “stunningly disappointing end” are exaggerated.  For starters, […]

Top 10 Things to Consider When Setting up Your Ektron CMS

Installing a CMS is child’s play for any IT system administrator worth her byte. However, the crunch comes when it comes to ensuring that the CMS adds value to the process, or furthers the task of content creation, editing, managing, and other admin tasks. So pay heed to the following to get the most out […]

How to use Ektron Eloqua DXH Connector for Effective Persona Management and Email Marketing

In this webinar – Improve effectiveness of email-campaigns & persona management with Ektron Eloqua Connector – we will discuss: How to improve eMail campaign metrics? DxH Connection with Eloqua Form Mapping Email Campaign Launch Widget Using Ektron Content Using Eloqua Content Rule template for Targeted Content Widget Adding attributes to create rule template Persona Management […]

Ektron and Eloqua: It takes two to tango!

Have you heard about a CMS and a marketing automation tool blended together? Now wouldn’t that be just perfect?! I think most of you may have heard about Ektron, one of the best content management systems (CMS) in the world, and Eloqua, among the top modern marketing automation tools. This blog will give you a […]

How to effectively engage with online customers

The timeless problem for online marketers has been improving their customer engagement, and interacting with them on a personal level. Breaking it down further, the real issue has been understanding the site visitors’ needs even before they explicitly specify it, and then presenting them with a tailor made solution. Web and social media have given […]

Suyati is proud to have contributed to Ektron 9.1, and more good news from Synergy 2014!

Ektron Synergy 2014, the world’s marquee CMS event saw many stunning reasons for Suyatians to celebrate with gusto. The obvious reasons were the fact that being gold sponsors, we had already made our presence felt, and upped the excitement in Boston, with our Kindle Giveaway Contest. Then, Ektron 9.1 was released, with features that aid […]

Meet, perhaps, the happiest person at Synergy 2014!

Synergy 2014 was the defining CMS event in the world. And in keeping with its status, Ektron’s flagship event predictably saw many highs. There was the grand release of Ektron9.1, which focuses on increasing leads as well as productivity. It was definitely a happy event – exemplified by our CEO Mukund Krishna, pictured here with […]

How marketers can leverage Ektron DXH’s Exact Target for better client engagement

In this webinar — How marketers can leverage Ektron DXH’s Exact Target for better client engagement — we will discuss: How to increase customer engagement and target personalized content. How the Ektron DXH – ExactTarget Connector can solve the problems of marketers, and fill the gaps in existing tools. Demo of Ektron – ExactTarget connector.