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How can intelligent CMS design by Episerver help in content governance?

Ever been invited to a party at a friend’s home? Food, drinks and music is all that is there. However, a good host knows how to make guests feel at home, foresees their preferences, and helps break the ice between the guests. Everything looks effortless. It’s the same with Content Management System (CMS). At the […]

How Episerver takes digital experience cross channel

A blend of digital commerce, content and marketing on a single platform – that’s Episerver for you! Lauded particularly for its holistic vision, Episerver is touted as the only platform that integrates these three significant elements on a single screen. Episerver has been leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to bring a dynamic perspective to […]

Why EPiServer CMS Digital Cloud Experience is simply amazing?

It is for no reason that enterprises today are moving to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, as their choice in CMS. This infographic highlights the amazing features and benefits one can enjoy, when Episerver’s Digital Cloud Experience is implemented.

Episerver Ascend USA 2017 – What is in it for you?  

With less than a week left for Episerver Ascend USA 2017 to begin, the attendees from Suyati Inc. can’t wait to meet all of you at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. If your business is located in North America, and you desire to meet experienced partners, gather more information on everything related to Episerver platform, […]

Episerver Ascend 2017- A Quick Hand Guide

We are just one week away from Ascend 2017, the world’s biggest digital experience conference happening at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. As the city rolls out its red carpets to attendants across the world, we are quite delighted to take you through the agenda in a shot. The event is scheduled from Sunday, February […]

Episerver announces the main speakers of Ascend 2017 USA

As the tech world gears up for the “digital experience event of the year”, Episerver has unveiled the complete list of keynote speakers, which adds to our awe and interest. What is so curious about the Ascend speakers? The show will feature Mel Robbins and The Passing Zone duo as well as Scott Hanselman of […]

Episerver emerging as market leader with Optivo acquisition

Episerver combines digital commerce with digital marketing to enable organizations to provide their customers with a unique digital experience, keeping track of business results at the same time. The digital cloud experience, commerce, multichannel marketing, content and predictive analysis on a single platform let’s businesses work full-circle online. It supports lead generation through conversion and […]

Episerver’s Digital Solutions – A mix of SaaS, PaaS and On-Prem

The present digital landscape offers organizations a wide variety of multiple systems they could pick to build their websites. Episerver’s content management system stands out as the most comprehensive platform among the ones available in the market today, more so after Episerver has acquired Peerius and Optivo. Combining SaaS, PaaS and On-Prem Real-time personalization with […]

Episerver CMS Acquires Optivo

Episerver, a CMS platform provider has acquired Optivo, a Berlin-based company that provides email, omnichannel campaign management and customer intelligence solutions. Episerver is popular among its marketer clients, for it empowers them to engage with their customers by offering consistent experience on different devices, manage content and marketing campaigns all in one screen. With this […]

5 Powerful Features of Episerver Find

When websites are all about presenting information to viewers, it goes without saying that a powerful search functionality should be a prominent feature on every website; one which allows users to easily search and access the information they need. Episerver Find helps webmasters to do just this – provide a powerful search engine on their […]