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Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

Helping you print 365 days in seconds.

When one of the world’s largest calendar and NASCAR product publishers, with an extensive customer base throughout North America came to us, their hands were already burnt. Their previous IT vendors delayed the project, leading to cost escalations with no...

Create, Share and Track Content with Voraka

Read about how we used ASP.NET MVC to create a worldclass platform that handles the entire content creation cycle, right from sending tasks to writers, to editing, reviewing, checking for plagiarism, and finally approving content.

Sharepoint Digital Dashboard for an eCommerce Company

This case study describes how we created a comprehensive digital dashboard for a leading eCommerce and retail fullfilment firm, that provided valuable and insightful data to the management team, resulting in optimized resources, and more business from their end clients.

A Dedicated Global Team for a Self-Publishing Giant in the US

Interpreting and implementing the technology roadmap for a global leader in self-publishing! A self-publishing giant in the US was looking for a trustworthy and capable offshore IT partner that offered holistic and strategic solutions to drive their business. The publishing...

Building Quack - A Social Discovery App

An Australian entrepreneur wanted to build a social media app exclusively for high school students in Australia. The challenge was, clearly, the expansiveness of Big Data; however, the product engineers at Suyati put their expertise in open source, PHP and...

Seamless data transfer by leveraging the power of Salesforce Automation

To cater to changing business requirements, the client,UIC,  wanted to implement, integrate and migrate to a new Salesforce automation application (SFA). They wanted to overcome the challenges of data redundancy and inconsistency because of the existing system. UIC needed a clear roadmap on...