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A Guide to The Powerful Potentials of a .NET E-commerce Ecosystem

Today’s fluid business environment calls for an e-commerce ecosystem that is dynamic and can handle changes in content and structure frequently to cater to changing customer tastes and preferences. A .NET framework brings in unmatched flexibility and resilience and helps...

Check out the spanking new .Net Framework version 4.6

The popular Microsoft.NET Framework, the preferred runtime environment for Windows based apps, is out with its brand new 4.6 version. Check out the significant new features in this white paper. Download your copy now.  

The vital reason why the manufacturing sector should gear up for digitalization

Industry 4.0, the purported fourth industrial revolution, indicates the integration of machines, mobiles, sensors, work pieces, and IT systems all through the value chain; going beyond the enterprise, and creating one integrated cyber physical system, where each part is capable...

SharePoint facilitates efficiency in Manufacturing Sector

Several manufacturing companies who have migrated from traditional workflow to SharePoint are able to achieve more, make better decisions and achieve quantifiable results. There are numerous ways in which your organisation can benefit from SharePoint. For the entire production cycle in...