Google to launch an Elasticsearch cloud service by end of 2017

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Google to launch an Elasticsearch cloud service by end of 2017

Google is partnering with Elastic, a startup to deliver a totally managed version of the Elasticsearch. The partnership also states that Google will support Elastic in promoting Kibana- an open source software developed and sold by the start up. While the Elasticsearch functions as a search engine for structured and unstructured data, Kibana offers highly customizable dashboards and virtualizations. Elastic announced that the services will be available to users by the second half of 2017, exactly two years after AWS released its Elasticsearch service. AWS Elasticsearch is available as a dedicated offering on the AWS Marketplace and on Amazon Cloudsearch service. Elastic’s service can also be found on Azure Marketplace as well as Microsoft’s own Azure Search.

The upcoming Elastic and Google combo will be serving leading names like Shopify, The New York Times, Verizon and several business leaders. Apart from expanding its portfolio of services, Google strives to be the best cloud for all its users. Google is ambitious to do a complete overhaul of organizations’ existing and new applications and their underlying infrastructure to maximize their geographical visibility. The recent discussions on embedding of Trifacta’s data cleaning software and plans to lay undersea cable in the Indian Ocean to speed up data transfer for cloud customers are two leading examples of how Google is thinking big to reshape its cloud customer experience.

Apart from its free services, Google’s upcoming Elasticsearch service will include the exclusive high-end subscriptions offered by Elastic startup like the commercial support, graph and chart analytics, and alerts and notifications. Besides Elasticsearch, Google will soon integrate its neural machine translation system into its Translation application API standard edition. Previously this was available only for premium edition. With this, Google will extend its translation services into more languages.

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