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AI-first- The focus of Google

There is a marked difference in this year’s Google I/O developer’s conference that is held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. This time the focus of the three days event is not Google products like Android and Chrome, but revolved around advancements in artificial intelligence. Sundar Pichai, CEO said, “The company is using machine […]

Google to launch an Elasticsearch cloud service by end of 2017

Google is partnering with Elastic, a startup to deliver a totally managed version of the Elasticsearch. The partnership also states that Google will support Elastic in promoting Kibana- an open source software developed and sold by the start up. While the Elasticsearch functions as a search engine for structured and unstructured data, Kibana offers highly […]

Google releases E2EMail Encryption Code to Open Source

Google released its E2EMail Encryption code to open source last week, which is expected to give a fillip to the open source technology. Open source will accelerate Google’s progress in E2EMail encryption. Google commenced its E2EMail project one year back with the aim of launching a Chrome app that would facilitate easy exchange of private […]

YouTube launches “Super Chat” to monetize your videos and live streams

It is a known fact that over the past few years, YouTube has been helping creators to share their stories and messages effectively, and strengthen their relationships with their fans. On January 12 (last week), YouTube has announced a new feature that will help creators and fans to connect with each other during live streams. […]

Google launches Android Things – The new OS for smart IoT devices

Google is planning to place Android among the next wave of devices poised to make your future smart home. Google has launched Android Things, its latest OS for IoT devices that can run on connected devices like speakers, cameras, routers and more. Though Android Things is a new name, the OS is not completely new. […]

Slack and Google join hands for an Improved Enterprise Chat Service

Slack and Google has come together to deepen its integration with each other. Organisations using Slack can now improve their communication and functionality by using new features included in G Suite (Google’s set of productivity software and services). 2017 onwards it will be easier for Slack users to share and work on files stored in […]

Google and Salesforce shows interest to buy Twitter

Google and Salesforce have shown interest in buying Twitter, which currently has a market capital of $13.3 billion. Salesforce, which is on an acquisition spree, currently has around half of the current market capital of Twitter in its own cash reserve. If Salesforce manages to buy Twitter, it would be the highest-ever acquisition. On the other […]

Google introduces final release version of Angular 2.0

When Google introduced its first version of Angular (web application framework) in 2010, it rapidly grew to become one of most sought-after web technologies. Web has undergone tremendous changes since then. In 2014, Google announced that it will soon release Angular 2. This announcement aroused the excitement of web development communities across globe, because the new […]

Google to enhance user's browsing experience

Google made a significant announcement this week regarding two major changes related to its mobile search results which will help to enhance the user’s browsing experience. The “mobile-friendly” label will be removed. This label currently highlights pages that are easy to read on mobile during its mobile search results. Punish mobile pages that show annoying […]