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Digital Transformation in healthcare: 5 key challenges

Personalized medicine is the buzzword. In the Utopian world of tailored medical treatments, all patients will be ‘connected’ with their doctors, constantly sharing data (from wearable devices and other tech-enabled gadgets), getting real-time diagnosis, early detection of diseases, seamless follow-ups, without having to twiddle their thumbs in hospital waiting rooms. Although the healthcare industry has […]

A beginner’s guide to digital transformation in healthcare

Picture this: You are down with fever. You log into a hospital’s website and answer a series of questions to get your diagnosis and prescription for medications. You could also virtually consult a specialist for a second opinion. Sounds too good to be true? It’s only a matter of time before the healthcare industry evolves […]

Top 3 digital transformation essentials that healthcare organizations cannot miss out in 2018

Healthcare providers will be among the top three spenders on digital transformation – with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.7 per cent – by 2021, predicts International Data Corporation (IDC). For an industry that has traditionally been hesitant to adopt information technology, the healthcare sector today is all set to embrace the digital […]

AI Can Drive the Future of Cancer Pathology Soon

Medical technology has been progressing immensely over the last decade. The kind of machinery and technology making its way into diagnoses and treatment has been phenomenal. But what has been relegated to the background is the field of pathology – which ironically – is the first step to definitive diagnoses of any kind. Pathology has […]

Role of Product Engineering Services in Healthcare

Product Engineering and IoT are creating revolution by revamping the healthcare landscape with innovations that help reduce healthcare costs, encourage patient engagement, boost population health, and finally make healthcare more accessible and transparent at all levels. Product engineering usually involves working towards fixing issues due to price, product excellence, implementation process, dependability, maintenance, anticipated product […]

Technology in Healthcare Outreach Programs

With the growth of complexity of health issues, information and new health care procedures, the public needs additional skills, information, and supportive relationships to take care of their health necessities. As the emerging of new technologies and inventions prevail, the public and private organizations are progressively using the Internet, media and other novel technologies to […]

Creating An Amazing Online Healthcare Journey

The advent of online media has revolutionized every sector and healthcare industry is no exception. However, the industry is facing many challenges in meeting the expectations of the consumers. Thus, the traditional ways of treating consumers need to be improved for getting the best results. Challenges for Healthcare Providers Surviving tight competitions to varied options […]

mHealth Apps – Handling the security flaws

  Mobile-health or mHealth refers to the use of mobile devices for practicing medicine and for supporting public health. mHealth apps entered the markets to expand into the only space that mobile devices hadn’t completely embraced yet- healthcare. A survey on how mobile devices are used for medical purposes pops up with astonishing numbers where […]

Smartphones and wearables – Are they as good as they seem?

Everywhere you go these days you will find people glued to gadgets. Gadgets have become the primary means of both social as well as business communication. In the area of sports, wearable devices such as wristbands and stretch sensor fabrics are being extensively used to monitor activities. In the area of medicine pressure cuffs and […]

8 Challenges of Bigdata in Healthcare

While one of the maximum impact industries for bigdata analytics remains the healthcare industry and its allied fields, there are challenges that need to be addressed. While some of these challenges are common to more than one industry, some are specific to the Healthcare industry. In a previous article, we explained the benefits of big […]